Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Very well entertained again last night.

Really they are all so good! I put stars next to the names that I think will make it to the next round and x's next the names that I think could go home. This week I only had 2 x's because I loved them all so much. The 2 x's went to Clyde and Leeza. They were stiff.

Shandi I would normally give an x to but she did so much better last night.

John, Laila, Apolo (enjoyed the Pulp Fiction recreation), Joey, Ian, Heather and Billy Rae were all fabulous! Although my heart will always remain true to Apolo, my favorite last night was Ian! He did a fabulous job. Aparently they did make a huge mistake at the end, but the camera conveniently went off of them for theose few seconds by "accident" and we missed the big mistake.

Much props to Heather doing the jive! She is an inspiration!

Prediction: Leeza goes home.

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