Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sudan | Day 4 (Saturday)

This has been a crazy week. Last night was our Sudan team's testimony night at our church and I had to speak for about 7 - 8 minutes. I was so nervous that I was consumed with it, therefore I couldn't even think straight to update my blog. It was an amazing night! All of our team, but two, were there and it was so great to be able to relive it all together. Plus, there was an awesome slideshow that had us all crying. I'm going to try to figure out how I can upload it to the blog. Regardless, I hate that it has taken me so long to update y'all.

I also have to give a shout out to my hubby! Today is our 10 year dating anniversary!!! I can't believe we have been with each other for a decade now. It was 10 years ago today that I felt SO nervous all day waiting for 7:00p.m. to come. Heath picked me up in a fancy car that he borrowed from a friend. We went to Pappadeaux, then to a park (that he later proposed to me at) and then to a coffee house that is now sadly a Smoothy King. It was an amazing night. When he dropped me off at midnight, it felt like the night had flown by because we had so much fun. So here's to 10 years!!!


This day was a lot like the last post. We did basically the same thing. We left Saturday morning and drove to the first orphanage that the EPC and His Voice for Sudan built in Morobo, Sudan.

When we arrived, it was a very similar scene with all the orphans and widows singing and celebrating our arrival. Very special again! We loved it.

Sudan Morobo Opening Ceremony from Janelle on Vimeo.
These pictures are amazing and they were definitely not all taken by me. My good friend, Corey, took a lot of them and also my friend Jonathan that went on the trip took a ton. He took all the cool pictures with the fish eye lens. They are both amazing photographers.

After the welcoming ceremony, the Bishop gave us a tour of the campus and then we ate lunch.

The Bishop

Eating Lunch

After lunch we got to do a very cool thing. Our church donated money so that we could buy the Morobo orphans new shoes. So after we arrived in Yei, somebody took that money and went and bought 100 pairs of shoes. And after lunch, we got to fit each orphan with their new shoes! It was a really fun moment.

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Murrell Family said...

I loved the video and hearing everyone speak last night! The stories were so touching of how God used each team member.

Tara said...

I love the shoe shots! So much fun for all (including us viewers)!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on that milestone anniversary, Janelle! And of course, I'm loving the pictures. :) I pray that the people you met in Sudan continue to feel the deep presence of God that you certainly ushered into their lives while there.

Amy said...

i so think you need to be a professional photographer! these pictures are amazing. thanks for sharing with us!

Holly said...

All God's children got shoes! I love to think of where those feet will go and to pray for their steps--asking the LORD Himself to go before them.

Last Sunday was our 17th wedding anniversary...and we were supposed to go to Pappadeaux in Denver tonight--but we had to cancel and reschedule, due to weather.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy your sweet family, Janelle!

pinkmommy said...

Your pictures are AMAZING! I am going to find some time to sit down and read every post about your trip soon. I can't wait!

Lindsee said...

Fitting them with their shoes is just precious. It reminds me of Cinderella! Y'all are just their Prince Charming! Even though all of these might not have been taked by you, they are still amazing!

Have a fabulous weekend!


FordeFam said...

Wow!!! I am still catching up on your trip, but these pics and stories are sooo neat!!! So neat that you and Heath were able to enjoy this together!!! :) Can't wait to read more!!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love those colorful flip flops! Makes me happy to think of the kids wearing them right now! Catching up on my blog reading...love all your pictures!

Heather said...

Love catching up on your trip. We are home from the hospital with our new daughter and I have a lot of reading to do to catch up ... love the photos!

Anonymous said...

WHat an amazing trip! Beautiful pictures! I hope your coming to the fiesta??!!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing! What a great trip, such a blessing :)

MamaCass said...

What amazing pictures! I am so sad we missed Wednesday night. I hope you find a way to download the slideshow. That would be sweet!

Kelli said...

They look so excited about their new shoes! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

You did a GREAT job Wednesday night! You did not appear nervous. You were wonderful, Janie!