Wednesday, December 21, 2005

28 Weeks

I can't believe it but today I am 28 weeks! I have officially entered the 3rd trimester. Which means I'm on the home stretch. It is really starting to feel real now. I only have 12 weeks left and I'm 70% of the way there.

The baby is now 2.5 pounds and is about 16 inches long from head to toe! She can now open and close her eyes and can actually see light through the womb. How weird it must look! I am still feeling her kick quite often throughout the day. It's definitely my favorite part of being pregnant.

Because I've entered into the 3rd trimester, I now start going to the doctor every two weeks. So I'll have lots of doctor updates. Our last appointment was last Friday. Everything went well. My weight gain report was much better! :-) But I do have a little bit of high blood pressure. So he's going to keep a close watch on that. We go back in tomorrow morning (Thursday), so we're praying that it will be back down to normal.

This is our doctor!! Dr. Clark! He's really great. I wanted to get a few pictures of him in action and introduce you all to the man that will be bringing our child into this world. :-) In the first picture we are listening to the heart beat. And in the second one he is measuring my belly to make sure it's the size it should be.

So baby is doing well and we are doing well. I don't have any weird symptoms happening yet. Things are starting to get a little uncomfortable and it is starting to get harder and harder to get up from a sitting position or even tie my shoes! :-) But if that's all I have to complain about, I'll take it. It's actually pretty funny to watch, at least Heath thinks so.

I hope to update again soon and not take so long. Especially since there are only a few more weeks and my belly will probably start growing a lot more now!

Love you guys!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Heath and Janelle

Thursday, December 01, 2005

25 Weeks

We hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!!
Things are going really really well still! I'm feeling great. The baby is kicking away. I only have 102 days to go or 15 weeks left, and I'm 62.5% of the way there. It is definitely starting to go by quicker.

Nothing so far seems much different than the last time I wrote. I can tell my belly is getting larger almost everyday it seems like. But that could be due to Thanksgivng turkey and pies and casseroles!

Baby girl weighs 1.5 pounds and is about 8.9 inches long from crown to rump. Her space is definitely getting tighter which is probably why I can feel her kicking more. Everything about her will grow stronger in the next couple of weeks. Her bones are now becoming hard. The heart beat will now become stronger and easier to hear even through a stethoscope. Her hearing is still developing to the point now where a loud, sudden noise could actually startle her and make her jump. And I might soon be able to tell what part of her body is where in my that a foot? her bottom? her head?!!
We are narrowing down on her we'll be very excited to announce that when we are finally ready to commit.
Other than that, not much change as far as my body, lots with her though!

We hope to see you guys soon!!

Heath and Janelle