Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Divine Encounter

A few months ago, I got an email from a lady that had found my blog through Amanda. She got in contact with me because of my fostering posts.

This interested her because she is a "mom" at a foster home in South Africa. She is from America and moved over there a few years ago to work at a home called Baby Haven that was a transitional home for babies that needed to be adopted.

While working at Baby Haven, she saw such a need for a children's home that she felt compelled to start, through the same ministry, a home for children called Child Haven! She cares for 12 precious children ages 2-10.

Ever since she contacted me, I have been keeping up with her blog and we've been emailing back and forth some. She's been a great encouragement to me. Y'all would not believe how adorable her kids are!! I mean they are just the most precious things. When you go to her blog, you will fall in love.

Well, about a month ago she emailed me saying she would be in town for a conference and asked if we could meet up! Ummm...let me think about this...YES!!!!! Oh my goodness, I was so excited.

It just amazed me that she is not even from here and of all places for her to have a conference it was in my city!!

The days she was here, I had to work, but she so sweetly came to my church (where I work) and hung out with me for a couple of hours. My church is incredibly mission minded, so it was exciting to get to introduce this missionary to my church staff!

We had a great conversation and I was immeasurably blessed by her visit. In fact, so blessed I came home and told Heath I think we need to pack up our things and move to South Africa to join her team at Child Haven!! :-) I'm not sure if that's from the Lord or just my immense joy in talking with her. But oh how I would love to meet her sweet children and love on them.

The foster system in South Africa is actually pretty similar to ours. She told me however, they don't have has many agents as we do, so only the absolute EXTREME cases are placed into foster care. Unlike here where there is a wide spectrum of extreme cases. So I'll let you use your own imagine on what the kids have gone through that eventually make it into her care.

The children at Child Haven are adoptable, just like our children in our foster care system. They adopt domestically and internationally. But of course, just like here, most of the kids are adopted out of Baby Haven and not Child Haven. So there is definitely a need for these children to be adopted into loving families.

The timing of this visit was incredible because I had just finished reading the biography of Amy Carmichael. And my sweet friend from South Africa's name is also Amy!! There stories parallel each other so much that I couldn't help but call her our modern day Amy Carmichael!

(Amy, I hope it's ok that I got this off of your blog. It's just so cute I wanted everyone to see.)

She is an inspiration and a blessing to this world. She encouraged me and was beyond precious! Please join me in praying for her ministry there and for strength for her in continuing to do what she feels called to do. I know it is not easy all the time and she misses her family and friends. I so very much look up to her and want to be like her. :-)

Please, if you feel led, visit Amy's blog and maybe leave her a word of encouragement. You will be blessed.

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! Amazing that God set it up for you to meet her! I will keep Amy and her kids in my prayers.

Amanda said...

Wow, friend! God is so good!

amygld said...


This was so kind of you! Thank you so much.

I was particularly discouraged the other day, and it brightened my spirits to read it!

grace grace.

and when are you booking your tickets for your family to come?

How does christmas sound? :)