Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Our church, like many of yours, has a fall festival on the night of Halloween each year. Ours is called Fall-A-Palooza. We have gone every year since Ella's first Halloween.

Heath and I get a little into the dressing up part. I'm not sure why, but I do remember growing up, my family would get really into it. So I guess that's where my obsession with all 3 of us dressing up comes from. Regardless, it's always a lot of fun!

This year was possibly my favorite year.

Here are year's past:

Halloween 2006
Heath couldn't make it this year, so I was a flower pot and Ella was a ladybug.

Halloween 2007
We went as 80's Aerobic Instructors

Halloween 2008

We went as a bathtub, a ducky and man in the bathtub.

Halloween 2009

We started our evening off with a little trick or treating.

Once we got to Fall-A-Palooza, we played some fun games.

Ella & Karoline!! It is precious how much they love each other!!!

Ella had never placed in the costume contest. I have let the judges know how bitter I am about this. They're my friends so it's okay. :-) Well this year we broke the curse of never placing and Ella got 2nd place! To her, it was like she won an Olympic gold medal. She got so excited. I'm not really sure at what point in her life either Heath and I instilled such a competitive spirit in her, but regardless, it is there.

Ella & her sweet friend Annie waiting in line for the costume contest.

Entering in for the contest.

Ella leaping onto stage.

And doing a little twirl for the judges. It's moments like these that I know she is her daddy's girl. She loves the stage and being in front of people.

Her candy prize and 2nd place ribbon.

My sweet Alice!

Some playtime with Karoline!

Face painting.

A quick stop for some Starbucks! :-)

She actually won twice that night because she won this adorable present in the door prize. So she really struck gold this night and couldn't have been happier about it.

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connorcolesmom said...

Oh how sweet!!
Ella is the cutest Alice I have ever seen and I love that you and Heath dress up.
I went all out this year and was a cowgirl - LOL
This was actually the first year in 10 years our family has not "matched" each other
Kind of sad b/c my boys are growing up but also so special and sweet
Much love

Kelli said...

I LOVE your costume creativity!!! I am going to have to work on convincing Chris to join the family theme costume! :)