Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween '09

Well, I am finally uploading our Halloween pics! We had a blast again this year dressing up and attending our church's Fall-A-Palooza!

I always have to take a walk down memory lane for our past years of dressing up because it makes me so happy.

Halloween 2006
Heath couldn't make it this year, so I was a flower pot and Ella was a ladybug.

This is my FAVORITE! It's me & Ella, Amanda & Jackson, Sunni & Ava, and Melissa & Joshua. It cracks me up!

Halloween 2007
We went as 80's Aerobic Instructors

Halloween 2008

We went as a bathtub, a ducky and man in the bathtub.

Halloween 2009

Doing a little trick or treating.

One lady in our neighborhood gave out candy and stuffed animals. So Ella picked this giant blue bunny which she has slept with every single night is October 31st.

Our little tinkerbell. Ella's name means tiny fairy I thought this year her costume was fitting for her.

After trick or treating for a few minutes, we went to our church's Fall-A-Palooza. Ella playing some games for some candy.

Taking some time off from tinkerbell to do some bouncing.

Ella and "Bumbletron" (Titus)

Heath and Ella walking in for the costume contest. Which by the way...this is our FOURTH year to not place at all. FOURTH year. I mean come on, what do we have to do to win a prize around here. :-) Just kidding.

Ella and the cutest hotdog ever! (Karoline)

Ella's favorite part of any day is if there is some type of bounce house or obstacle course involved in that day. It makes me so happy to see how happy she gets when one comes in view.

Not to sound like a bad mom, but I always have doubts that my itty bitty dainty Ella can make it through these obstacle courses by herself. Well, she always proves me wrong in a big way because she bounds through these things like it's nothing.

My mom and Ella.

I love my little Tinkerbell and Captain Hook so much!

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connorcolesmom said...

LOVE all the costumes - you guys are so creative
And I want to know WHO does win the contests?? Next time we need pics of the winner b/c I just do not get it?? :)

Shelly said...

I loved the years' recaps.

Y'all are adorable.

Lindsee said...

Y'all are adorable. Adorable I say.

Helen said...

You guys are so much fun!!