Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas Eve '09

I realize these Christmas posts are so late, but I figured if I got it in before February I was doing pretty good.

We had a GREAT Christmas this year. We started a tradition 3 years ago when Ella was a baby that all sides of the family would spend Christmas together at my parent's house. So Heath's mom and sisters, me, Heath & Ella all pile into my parent's house Christmas Eve and are together until Christmas night. It works out so well because none of them can stand being away from our little cutie pie Christmas morning. And I feel especially blessed that I have a family and in laws that get along so well and can actually do this!

This Christmas Eve & day was the Angel's side of the family's year. (My dad's side of the family).

They came in Christmas Eve just before our big snow storm hit! And I do say storm even though y'all from the north are probably rolling your eyes and laughing at me. But it was SO awesome. A WHITE CHRISTMAS! It just was so perfect.

We have a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition. We have a nice Christmas Eve dinner and all just hang out. Then we can relax all day Christmas day and eat leftovers. It works out really well.

This year, Christmas Eve morning we took Ella to Bass Pro to see Santa. I couldn't believe we hadn't taken her to see Santa yet, but our yearly tradition of Santa on the Roof which produced such a picture like this:
was not able to happen this year. So we had to seek out Santa elsewhere.

Bass Pro was a pretty good alternative. They had lots of fun stuff for the kids to do. Like look at their giant fish tank.

And ride the reindeer carousel.

When we got home, this is what my parent's backyard had turned into. A winter wonderland.

We bundled Ella up and headed out.

Even our dog Jones enjoyed the snow.

Heath & Ella had a snowball fight.

My sister, Michelle, had so much fun with Ella!

Aunt Michelle teaching Ella how to throw a snowball.

Heath "accidentally" wacked Michelle right in the eye with a snowball. He ran over apologizing but I think it was an act. :-)

A full house for Christmas Eve dinner.

My precious Granddad reading the Christmas story.

And of course, Santa's cookies and milk set up right before bedtime.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Christmas Photo Shoot

The first part of December, Heath, Ella & I headed to Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas to take our Christmas pictures for our Christmas card. An amazingly talented friend of mine, Ashley Truckey, took our pictures for us this year. You can check out her website here.

I was so proud of my little girl that day. It was absolutely freezing and me being so terrible had her in this cute Christmas tutu that I made and was determined for her to where. So we shivered and shook for the 45 minutes we took the pictures. But Ella was AMAZING. She would literally be visibly shaking and would still stand and sit in whatever position we asked her to and she would still smile so big. She is just so precious. She never complained, but as soon we would be done taking a picture at one location and moving on to another location, she would jump right up in her daddy's arms and he would snuggle her in his coat. The only way you could tell that she was cold is her little red nose in most of the pictures.

Daddy did treat us to some amazing hot chocolate from Cafe Brazil to warm our bones as soon as we were done. I am blessed!

I couldn't be happier with how these pictures turned out. And to think what Ashley could do on a day that wasn't 40 degrees and the wind blowing like crazy.

You can see the rest of our Christmas pictures, if you would like, here at this previous post.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Heavy Heart

Please be in prayer for one my very good friends that is experience a tremendous loss. Melissa Bailey and her husband were pregnant with triplets, all 3 girls. Due to complications this past week, they lost all three. Melissa was 21 weeks pregnant and if you have ever been pregnant you know at that point you are feeling your baby move and have already bonded in so many ways with your baby. I just can't imagine the pain they are feeling.

Tonight is the visitation that Heath and I will be attending.

You can go to her blog to read updates on what this past 21 weeks has been like for them. They wrote a very touching, heart wrenching post about their time with their 3 babies right after they were born.

Melissa and Chad are the sweetest couple. Melissa and I lived next door to each other in college and were suite mates for a while as well. She is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, generous ladies I know. She always goes out of her way to do something special for somebody. I'm always so amazed at her thoughtfulness and giving spirit.

Please be in prayer for this wonderful couple.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ella's Drama Todds Performance

Our church started a new drama class for 3 year olds this year. I was so excited because I knew Ella would love it. You know, she does tend to lean toward the side of drama so I knew this would be a great way for her to be able to express herself.

Well, a few months ago I got a note from Ella's drama teacher that said they are going to do a play around Christmas time about the manger scene and each child would be an animal. So I thought, oh Ella will be so cute as a pig, or a sheep or maybe a horse or a lamb.

I think the Lord is trying to set me free of one of my many fears because Ella came home and excitedly announced to me that she is the SPIDER! Awesome. Of all things she is the spider. Ack! From that point on, she was sent home with different spider pictures I guess to help her get into character. I very cautiously opened her bag each Sunday after church not sure what I was going to find that week.

But despite my hatred of spiders, I knew Ella would be the cutest, most adorable spider there ever was.

The Drama Todds!

My little spider

She got very into her performance. She is definitely Heath's daughter.

This is the performance. Their director read a story about the manger scene at first and then they sang this adorable song. Ella got very into this one. You much watch because the second time through the song her donkey impression is very enthusiastic. :-)

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I hope this is a blessed year for you and your family and that God is glorified in all we do in 2010!


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