Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sudan | Day One and Day Two

Day one and day two are really just like one big long day filled with 20 hours of being on a plane. Not really sure when one day ended and the other began.

We had a very smooth traveling day to Sudan. I really don't need to explain how sad it was to say goodbye to Ella at the airport. Heath and I were both in tears. But the Lord was faithful and sustained us with His fullness of grace because we did great the rest of the time.

We flew from DFW to:

Our plane was awesome. It was one of those that has the personal t.v.'s for each seat with a good 100 movies or shows to choose from. Heath and I definitely caught up on a lot of movies we had been wanting to see.

We spent a few hours roaming outside the Amsterdam airport during our layover. It was just so cool knowing we were in Amsterdam even if we didn't get to really see anything.

Vernon, Me, Heath and Brenden

From there, we flew into Entebbe, Uganda. We had an overnight layover and stayed at this really AWESOME hotel. It was a treat!

This is a pic of Corey and I on the itty bitty plane we took from Uganda into the Sudan. We are smiling only because we got in the air okay. But moments before this, Corey and I were so nervous, I was laughing out of control because that's what I do when I'm nervous and Corey was laughing and crying. It was very entertaining for the rest of the team.

Our group on the plane.

The Nile River! Isn't that cool?

Hello Sudan!!! Our little plane flew so low it was like we got a little tour of Sudan before landing. I loved it!

If you look closely you can see the grass huts that everyone in Sudan lives in.

Again if you look closely you can see through the pilot's window the DIRT runway we landed on in Yei, Sudan. The DIRT runway.

Welcome to the room Heath and I lived in for 8 days! Sleeping under a mosquito net was definitely an experience. Sadly in my head, this was "roughing" it. But this is literally the nicest place you can stay in Southern Sudan. I grew to LOVE it! Especially since our whole team slept right next to each other and so we had endless amounts of fun at night and in the mornings.

More to come! Thanks guys for going on this journey with us! I can't tell you how much I fell in love with this country and the people we met! It brings me GREAT joy to be able to share all of it with you. So thank you!

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connorcolesmom said...

That is so neat
I love the pics
and a dirt runway - yikes!

I look forward to the day I can go on a mission trip :)

God bless

Holly said...

Oh, I love this story!!

I laugh when I'm nervous, too. Once, my Dad had to rush me to the hospital, b/c had been stung by a red wasp and had an allergic reaction and began to break out and swell up--I laughed hysterically the whole way. It really un-did him. Poor man.

Praying that you have a wonderful weekend, enjoying that beautiful family, Janelle!

Anonymous said...

Wow Janel what an exciting trip you had!

That tiny plane would have done me in:O!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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twinkle said...

Thanks for sharing! I can just hear you laughing in the itty bitty plane. I would have been talking my head off. I talk on anybody...and I sit so light. It helps keep the plane up ;)

Mindy said...

Looking forward to hearing the rest.
This is great!

Linsey said...

Dirt runway? Yikes!

Kelli said...

I can't imagine how scary that little plane and dirt runway was!

Looking forward to hearing about working with the people in Sudan!

MamaCass said...

Yay pictures! I can imagine your fear on the plane. I don't know if I could have managed a smile for those pictures. Scary! CAn't wait to read more!

Lindsee said...

I would have been laughing on that little plane right along with you! :) Can't wait for the next update. LOVING the pictures!

~Jodi~ said...

i so love your blog and the way you are capturing this trip on here... your heart shines so much janelle! i have never even met you and yet feel as though i've gone on this journey with you ! Thanks for sharing and most of all for loving and serving in such an awesome way! look forward to reading more!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I love the patchwork quilt scenary when you're up in the air!