Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Infertility: Part 4 | God's Hand

I can not believe that it has been 2 months since I have continued writing about our journey with secondary infertility! Time goes by so quickly. There is so much to catch up on, so I hope that I can be diligent in not letting 2 months go by again.

For a refresher on where we have been thus far you can go here, here and here or click on the links on the sidebar to your right. It has been so long since I’ve updated that I even had to look back to see where I left off.

That last thing I talked about was how I got the amazing opportunity to meet with our pastor’s wife’s sister who has been doing foster to adopt for years.
One thing she stressed that she feels is very important in fostering is to find a Christian foster agency in the area. She loves her Christian organization in Houston that they work with, but I wouldn’t be able to use them. She said just to google “Christian foster agencies in DFW”.

A couple of days later as I sat at my office desk at work, still feeling very overwhelmed by my conversation with Brandy, I pulled up google on my computer and typed in “Christian foster agencies in DFW”. To my surprise, a very long list pulled up. I didn’t realize there were so many. I thought and maybe said out loud to myself, “How in the world am I supposed to pick one?”

As I scanned the list, one in particular really stood out to me and I wasn’t sure why at the moment. The name I saw is Covenant Kids. So I clicked on it. As soon as I did, the director’s name popped up and I remembered instantly why this one sounded familiar. The director’s name is Travis Jones. Heath and I went to college with him at Dallas Baptist University. I graduated the same year as he did. I remembered at that moment that I had heard through the grapevine, AKA Facebook, that he was working for a foster agency. But when I had heard that a couple of years ago we were not any way thinking that this would be anything that we ever be interested in doing. So that news pretty much when in one ear and out the other.

So of course I immediately emailed him with goosebumps all up and down my arms, telling him what had been going on with us and where we were in our feelings of possibly moving this direction.

Within 5 minutes I got a response from Travis! And I read the greatest thing…
He told me he was very excited for us. And then he said, “If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to pass your case along to a lady that works in the office here. But I want to make sure you are okay with that because you KNOW her.” Then he told me her name, which is Kallie, who was one of my college suitemates and still is one of my close friends. He had JUST hired her as a case worker!

I nearly FELL out of my chair. I started shaking with joy of how it seemed another door was FLINGING wide open for us to go in this direction!

I proceeded to email him back immediately telling him ABSOLUTELY YES and within 5 more minutes I got a very excited email from Kallie!

One of the blessings of getting to work at my church is that I get to work with some of my best friends. So I jumped up from my desk and ran to their offices to tell them this incredible news! I was and am still in such awe of how it seems the Lord is so clearly lighting this pathway for us.

Kallie proceeded to email me the application along with lots of other information. And I immediately made my little Covenant Kids binder with sheet protectors and labels! I like to nerd things up whenever possible.

Jump To present day:
Even though we are VERY excited, we are still very much in a place of waiting. Shortly after all of this took place back in March, Heath and I found a new home. We had been in the process of looking for a few months and then the most perfect house popped up and we moved on it very quickly.

So we have been in a holding pattern. A lot of changes were and are happening in our life with moving and trying to get settled in. Along with my husband getting a new job as a manager at a local steak restaurant! *Answer to prayer!* Along with not being 100% sure of God’s will for our lives in this area. Just waiting to see what the next step is, and if it is doing foster care through Covenant Kids, then when do we take the next step.

So that is where we are. And as life starts to get a little more settled I am feeling a stirring in my spirit that maybe this is the right time to move forward.

This journey is certainly exciting and we haven’t even really begun!
Thank you for your continued prayers and walking it with me.

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Kim Soto said...

so awesome janelle! as soon as i saw covenant kids, i knew where you were going. we saw scott right after kallie was hired and he told us alittle about it. God is awesome. Cant wait to see where God leads you and heath!!!

Amanda said...

I'm so excited to see God do His thang!

Krystal said...

I just cried all over again! Oh how He loves us Janelle!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Janelle, I am filled with great anticipation for what God is going to do! It sounds like He has led you to the right agency. :) Thank you for allowing me to follow along with your journey.

Bama Belle said...

Oh sweetie, how awesome is our God? That gave me goosebumps! :) Can't wait to hear about where God takes your sweet family next.

Hugs and Love,

C:M:W said...

Love this, love you and love God's powerful work. Come visit me, i need some Janelle talk time!

Lindsee Lou said...

I got chils reading this! It is clear that God's hand was all over you that day. And it still is! Can't wait to see how this journey unfolds!

Michelle said...

I am so excited to read this. I shared with you on a comment before that we were considering foster care after a miscarriage. We just finished our last class and our first interview:) Wahoo. I know there are alot of details to take care of, so I will pray hard for all of those details and God's timing for you!
God bless

Holly said...

Though I am behind on blog reading, I want you to know that I pray for you all the time--and amd thrilled to see God's Hand at work over your family and in your life, Janelle.

With Love and continued prayers,