Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Sweet Graduate!

The end of May, Ella graduated from Preschool. Like I said in my last post (which was a LONG time ago), we have LOVED this preschool. They have taught her letters, words, math and the Word! It's been awesome and we're sad that we won't be walking those halls next year like the past 2 years.

Her graduation was PRECIOUS. It was the cutest thing to see 100 tiny people walking around in caps and gowns.

This is Ella's graduating class on the wall outside her classroom.

This is their year book they give to the kids at the end of every year. It's called the Me Book. I am SO thankful to have this with pictures of all the fun things her class did throughout the year.

Before the actual graduation, they put on a musical. This is at the beginning when Ella spotted her entourage. Pointing and smiling and blowing kisses.

There were groups of about 7 kids that put on little plays in between the big group songs.

Ella's group put on the play the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

This is Ella running to the boy who was crying wolf.

She gets there and asks him "What happened?"

Then she marches back to her spot mad.

She is very mad at that boy! Ha! We practiced this face before her performance. She's too cute to look mad. :-)

This is her "I'm trying not to laugh mad face"!

Once again the boy tricked her and once again she is walking away angry.

I was so proud of her that she didn't freeze up. I think she loves the stage, unlike her mama. But very much like her Daddy.

Time for graduation! They are so precious I can hardly handle it. Notice how tiny Ella is compared to her classmates. My sweet LITTLE girl.

Getting her diploma and sweet hugs from her teachers.

Ella and her sweet friend Nathan. Love this story...I won't go into the whole thing right now, but Nathan's mom, Karin, and I worked together 11 years ago at DBU. She was a very good friend. We didn't keep up after I graduated. Then randomly our kids end up being in the same preschool class. I don't think for a second it was random, but that it was very much ordained for many reasons. It has been amazing getting to reconnect with her.

Big hugs from Grandma and Granddad!

Our sweet girl!

The family

Along with Ella's Me Book, they also gave each graduate a diploma and the Read With Me Bible! Have I mentioned how much I have loved this school?

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