Wednesday, July 26, 2006

First Softball Game!

A couple of Thursdays ago, Ella and I went to support guys in our church softball team. There definitely was not much watching softball with the ladies once Ella showed up. My good friend Corey Wetherell took all these great pictures of Ella, my new favorites. She should be a photographer.

Ashley and Ella!

Alicia and Ella!

Trying out Tabblo

Tabblo: Ella Grace Hartsfield

Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them.


Matthew 19:13

... See my Tabblo>

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Johnny Jump Up!

Ella’s new favorite toy is Johnny Jump Up. She’s so cute in it. She gets so excited when she stands straight up or spins herself around. She hasn’t quite gotten the jumping up and down part yet, but that will come. And oh she will be so excited when she does figure that out.

"Look how tall I am!"

"Girl Power!"

Laney Xiang-Ting Lewis

My dear friends Todd and Kristin Lewis have had the most exciting last several months. The Lord made it totally clear in His plan for their life that they are to adopt a baby from Taiwan. It has been very exciting for all of us to witness the unfolding of God's plan in their life that lead them to this little girl! She is precious. And they are more thrilled than they could have ever imagined. Things are falling into place very quickly and they should be able to pick up their beautiful girl in November or December. You can click on their link below to read more about the process. Also, they are selling these cute t-shirts to help raise money. You can purchase them on the website. You will probably see me wearing the t-shirt in some future pictures. They say "made in taiwan" on the front. There are pictures on their website.

This was so fun...while we were at camp, I got a phone call from Kristin telling me that she got her referral which means they found out what baby they were getting, AND we found out that a roommate from college, Michelle (Winn) Sanders, was in labor having her baby. It was one of the most exciting 30 seconds of my life. Amanda and Melissa were both there and we got to celebrate together in that moment of finding out. It was the perfect way for us to find out both of those pieces of information.
I told Kristin that I did not want to see Laney's cute face until I was with her. So the Friday we got back from camp, myself, Heath, Ella, Melissa, Peter, Joshua, Laura Kelly and Kristin and Todd all went out to dinner. Kristin already has all of her sweet pictures in a photo album for all to see. I loved seeing pictures of Ella's future BFF! :-)

Ella getting her first look on the computer at her soon to be BFF!

Todd and Ella always take such cute pictures playing together!

Ella LOVES Kristin!

Heath and Joshua!

Laura and Joshua!

Todd and Joshua!

Camp 2006

This year's Youth Camp was very different for us than last years. The reason for this is because we had our sweet Ella with us. Last year, I spent all of my energy spending with the small group that I lead. This year, I spent all of my energy taking care of and entertaining a 4 1/2 month old. Honestly, I did miss the relationships that I would have made with some of the students. I felt pretty disconnected from all of them. But it was a lot of fun being there with Ella. Heath was there and he had a group of guys just like last year. It was a great time for him. Ella LOVED camp. She is such a social bug that she was so happy all the time. I strolled her around all day and she loved hanging out with all the people. She got so much attention. The week after we were home, she was a little fussy and I think it's because she was bored. She was wondering where all the people were that paid so much attention to her. Mom just wasn't enough entertainment anymore.

Lauren, Emily and Ella hung out all week.

Amy & Ella!

Ella spent a lot of time in her stroller watching all the campers.

Amanda & Jackson, me & Ella cheering the dads on as they played rec.

Dad and Ella both needed naps everyday.

Krystal was such a blessing to us all week. She helped me take care of Ella so much. Including taking naps with her!

Ella loved being entertained by Rebecca and Krystal all week!

Ella and Joshua in their 4th of July outfits!!

So cute...arm in arm!

We were at camp over the 4th and I was sad that we weren't going to see fireworks this year. But I was so happy when I heard some and went outside of our room and there right above the tree line was a huge fireworks show that we could see. So Ella got to see her first fireworks!

The camp goodbye party.

Sunday School Pool Party!

On the 1st of July, we had a Sunday School Pool Party at Cassi and Rodney Fann's home. It was so nice of them to open up their home and pool to all of us. Ella is really getting used to this pool thing! She's had lots of time to get used to. This time she got to swim with Tobey, Cassie and Rodney's 1 year old boy.

Casey & Tobey

I just can't keep chewing! Must sleep!

Ella will take her nap anywhere!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ella's Playgroup!

Ella loves her friends Ava and Jackson! We try to have a playdate once a week but with our crazy schedules this summer we've been struggling to find time to see each other. We had a great night together. Ava and Jackson are so special to us! They will forever be joined at the hip.

Ava let her friends share her toys. They were having a great time watching Baby Einstein!

Jackson was loving Ava's activity center.

Sunni & Ava, Amanda & Jackson, Me & Ella

Jackson is such a stud! Ella apparently thinks this is very funny.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Church Shower!

I know this is totally out of order, but I realized I never published this post and I didn't want it to get lost in all the earlier ones that were already read because it's too cute. So I'm putting at the top.

Due to Ella's early arrival...the church how to reschedule the wonderful shower they had planned for me and Ella for March 25th. The shower was SO amazing!! The hostesses did they cutest job. Everything was pink and brown which is Ella's nursery colors. The decor was adorable. We had the best time. It was so sweet for me to be able to bring Ella and introduce her to all our friends and my church family!

The hostess decorated the tables SO cute!! It was the cutest shower I had ever seen. They are amazing!

Kristin getting her name tag and signing in!

The GORGEOUS cake!

Jennifer Parnell and Anna Marie Richardson cutting the cake!

The cutest dress ever that my Grandma Holloman got Ella! More pink and brown!

Ella was obviously having the time of her life!

More cute cute cute cute clothes!!! Love all the girl clothes!! Sweet Hannah Durham helped me with all the presents!

My mom got Ella this Alice in Wonderland pop up book. But it's not just any ordinary pop up book. It is the most extravagant pop up book you will ever see. She also previously had gotten Ella the Cinderella pop up book that matches.

The hostesses got me part of Ella's nursery!! I was SO surprised. You can only get her nursery bedding online and so they had to order in well in advance. If we would have had the shower when it was originally planned, it would not have been here in time. We were all very excited that I was able to open it at the shower. I also had never seen it in person, only online. It's SO gorgeous. I actually started crying when I saw it. The hostesses did such a great job! They are amazing. It was very special that they went through the trouble of ordering it for us. Thank you!
You can click here to see what her bedding looks like!

These are so adorable. They are burp clothes that Donna Mosty our Preschool Minister embroidered with Ella's name.

I was so excited that some of my family from Kansas was able to make the shower.
Shelby is my cousin Jerry's wife. Soni is my cousin J.D.'s wife. Both husbands are overseas right now serving in the Air Force. My Grandma Holloman was also able to make it from Kansas. And then of course my mom wouldn't miss it for the world.

These are the 12 most amazing hostesses I could ever ask for. They worked SO hard to make this shower so special for us! I love them! It was a wonderful day! Thank you so much!

Starting on the top Left...Amanda Jones, Jennifer Parnell, Melissa Murrell, Jo Ann Watkins, Laurin Mosty, Jennifer Durham, Sheri Byerly, Shelly Patrick, Carolyn Smith, (Next row) Anna Marie Richardson, Natalie Miller, Ella, Me, Hannah Durham, and Amy Savage.