Sunday, July 23, 2006

Laney Xiang-Ting Lewis

My dear friends Todd and Kristin Lewis have had the most exciting last several months. The Lord made it totally clear in His plan for their life that they are to adopt a baby from Taiwan. It has been very exciting for all of us to witness the unfolding of God's plan in their life that lead them to this little girl! She is precious. And they are more thrilled than they could have ever imagined. Things are falling into place very quickly and they should be able to pick up their beautiful girl in November or December. You can click on their link below to read more about the process. Also, they are selling these cute t-shirts to help raise money. You can purchase them on the website. You will probably see me wearing the t-shirt in some future pictures. They say "made in taiwan" on the front. There are pictures on their website.

This was so fun...while we were at camp, I got a phone call from Kristin telling me that she got her referral which means they found out what baby they were getting, AND we found out that a roommate from college, Michelle (Winn) Sanders, was in labor having her baby. It was one of the most exciting 30 seconds of my life. Amanda and Melissa were both there and we got to celebrate together in that moment of finding out. It was the perfect way for us to find out both of those pieces of information.
I told Kristin that I did not want to see Laney's cute face until I was with her. So the Friday we got back from camp, myself, Heath, Ella, Melissa, Peter, Joshua, Laura Kelly and Kristin and Todd all went out to dinner. Kristin already has all of her sweet pictures in a photo album for all to see. I loved seeing pictures of Ella's future BFF! :-)

Ella getting her first look on the computer at her soon to be BFF!

Todd and Ella always take such cute pictures playing together!

Ella LOVES Kristin!

Heath and Joshua!

Laura and Joshua!

Todd and Joshua!

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