Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mother's Day/Ella's Dedication

May 14th was not only special because it was my first Mother's Day, but also because that was the day we had Ella's Dedication. Mine and Heath's dedication to spend our lives showing Ella God's love and teaching her how to live a life after His heart. We had lots of family in town and we got to spend the day together.
We had her Dedication at our church in Irving. It was SO special to have my grandad there to do the prayer.

John Durham introducing us.

Everybody ohhhed and ahhhed over Ella when they saw her!

My Grandad Angel giving the dedication prayer over me,Heath and Ella.

The Angels

The Hartsfields

The Angels and The Hartsfields!

Silly Daddy!!

After church, we all went over to my parent's, had a barbeque and swam. It was a good day.

My sister, Aunt Michelle!

My Aunt Natasha!

My Uncle Arthur and Aunt Sandy came from Houston to see our sweet Ella dedicated!

My Uncle Jim, Aunt Natasha, and their two cute boys Zach and Ethan!

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