Sunday, July 23, 2006

Camp 2006

This year's Youth Camp was very different for us than last years. The reason for this is because we had our sweet Ella with us. Last year, I spent all of my energy spending with the small group that I lead. This year, I spent all of my energy taking care of and entertaining a 4 1/2 month old. Honestly, I did miss the relationships that I would have made with some of the students. I felt pretty disconnected from all of them. But it was a lot of fun being there with Ella. Heath was there and he had a group of guys just like last year. It was a great time for him. Ella LOVED camp. She is such a social bug that she was so happy all the time. I strolled her around all day and she loved hanging out with all the people. She got so much attention. The week after we were home, she was a little fussy and I think it's because she was bored. She was wondering where all the people were that paid so much attention to her. Mom just wasn't enough entertainment anymore.

Lauren, Emily and Ella hung out all week.

Amy & Ella!

Ella spent a lot of time in her stroller watching all the campers.

Amanda & Jackson, me & Ella cheering the dads on as they played rec.

Dad and Ella both needed naps everyday.

Krystal was such a blessing to us all week. She helped me take care of Ella so much. Including taking naps with her!

Ella loved being entertained by Rebecca and Krystal all week!

Ella and Joshua in their 4th of July outfits!!

So cute...arm in arm!

We were at camp over the 4th and I was sad that we weren't going to see fireworks this year. But I was so happy when I heard some and went outside of our room and there right above the tree line was a huge fireworks show that we could see. So Ella got to see her first fireworks!

The camp goodbye party.

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