Tuesday, June 01, 2010

College Roommates - Good Times

My last semester in college, 4 of us did a little college roommate shuffle. My roommates I had for 3 years all graduated and I had one semester to go. It just so happened that 3 of my best friends from college were also needing to do a little shuffling around and it worked out divinely that we were all able to room together that final semester!

Melissa Murrell moved in with me and Kristin Lewis & Michelle Sanders moved into our suite with a bathroom in between our rooms. (Wow, I'm realizing as I put in these links in that need to do some serious updating on my links to the right. Anyway...) It was the perfect situation and we had a blast! Some VERY funny memories!! I love my life right now, however, sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and retreat back to that semester, just every once in a while. Just for a little break and some none stop laughing!

This past Friday, we had an ultimate reunion/playdate. Michelle was in town from Houston and it worked out for us to ALL get together. It was so nice to be together the 4 of us again, even though things were a little crazy with our 8 kids running around. I never could have imagined back in that Fall 2000 semester this life we all lead now with our children. It's awesome.

Here's the 4 of us. We were joking about how we have many similar pictures of us over the past decade in this exact order and honestly, we haven't changed that much.

We had our playdate at Kristin's house. And she borrowed this fabulously fun water slide from her sister. It is just too hot already to have a playdate outside without water being involved.

Ella loved it.

Ella & Laney always so sweet. They were the only girls in this bunch of kids.

Ella's action shot.

We're grilling...by ourselves...with no boys! We are women, hear us roar. Sorry, that's really cheesy.

The kids ready to eat.

Popsicle time.

They thought this was a really fun game. One would get in the swing and another would spray them with the water hose as they swung.

It was a great day. Looking forward to our next reunion!! I love y'all very much!

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Ang said...

I know it's been less time for me than it has for you, but there are so many days that pass that I just wish I could live with my friends again!! Your post makes me wonder what a reunion among my roomies and me will be like in 10 years!! Love you Janelle!

Kristin said...

Such a reminder that even back then, I must have been one of God's favorites! So blessed to get to have lived with you guys and so grateful that our friendships have flourished exponentially over the years!

Bama Belle said...

What a wonderful day with Friends!!

Heather said...

So cool!! looks like a lot of fun!! And I am IMPRESSED with the grilling! I have never tried to do it without my hubby- I am too scared! :)

Tara G. said...

I grill better than my husband- he can't multi-task and burns the food! ha! Looks like fun!!!

Kelli said...

What sweet day that must have been! I can't wait for my roomies to start having babies! I love how the kids seem to get along so well!