Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ella's Drama Todds Performance

Our church started a new drama class for 3 year olds this year. I was so excited because I knew Ella would love it. You know, she does tend to lean toward the side of drama so I knew this would be a great way for her to be able to express herself.

Well, a few months ago I got a note from Ella's drama teacher that said they are going to do a play around Christmas time about the manger scene and each child would be an animal. So I thought, oh Ella will be so cute as a pig, or a sheep or maybe a horse or a lamb.

I think the Lord is trying to set me free of one of my many fears because Ella came home and excitedly announced to me that she is the SPIDER! Awesome. Of all things she is the spider. Ack! From that point on, she was sent home with different spider pictures I guess to help her get into character. I very cautiously opened her bag each Sunday after church not sure what I was going to find that week.

But despite my hatred of spiders, I knew Ella would be the cutest, most adorable spider there ever was.

The Drama Todds!

My little spider

She got very into her performance. She is definitely Heath's daughter.

This is the performance. Their director read a story about the manger scene at first and then they sang this adorable song. Ella got very into this one. You much watch because the second time through the song her donkey impression is very enthusiastic. :-)

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Helen said...

Too cute!!!

Amanda said...

Ha ha! I love it!

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