Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Christmas Photo Shoot

The first part of December, Heath, Ella & I headed to Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas to take our Christmas pictures for our Christmas card. An amazingly talented friend of mine, Ashley Truckey, took our pictures for us this year. You can check out her website here.

I was so proud of my little girl that day. It was absolutely freezing and me being so terrible had her in this cute Christmas tutu that I made and was determined for her to where. So we shivered and shook for the 45 minutes we took the pictures. But Ella was AMAZING. She would literally be visibly shaking and would still stand and sit in whatever position we asked her to and she would still smile so big. She is just so precious. She never complained, but as soon we would be done taking a picture at one location and moving on to another location, she would jump right up in her daddy's arms and he would snuggle her in his coat. The only way you could tell that she was cold is her little red nose in most of the pictures.

Daddy did treat us to some amazing hot chocolate from Cafe Brazil to warm our bones as soon as we were done. I am blessed!

I couldn't be happier with how these pictures turned out. And to think what Ashley could do on a day that wasn't 40 degrees and the wind blowing like crazy.

You can see the rest of our Christmas pictures, if you would like, here at this previous post.

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Big Mama said...

I love the pictures, Janelle! Ella is getting so big!

connorcolesmom said...

Ella is so precious!!!
And her nose is red but I never would have guessed how cold it was otherwise
What a doll!!
I know you are so thankful for you and your husband!!
Much love

connorcolesmom said...

Ok I was suppose to say I know you are thankful for HER and your husband - LOL
That is what I get for glancing up and watching American Idol :)

Lindsee said...

Your Christmas photo shoot turned out to be a great gig! So very cute.

pinkmommy said...

Oh wow, she is getting SO big!!! LOVE every single picture!

sanjeet said...

love the pictures,

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