Friday, November 19, 2010

Gavin's Fire Station Bday Party

This past weekend, one of Ella's sweet friends from church, Gavin, had a birthday party at a historical fire station in Dallas. It's historical because it's one of the oldest working fire stations still around and it is only 1 of 4 that still have a pole that the firemen use to slide down when a call comes in.

Did y'all know that they are taking out all the poles? I had no idea. I'm not sure why that makes me sad. It just seems strange to me. As a kid, when I saw a movie or show that had a fireman sliding down the pole in an emergency I just always thought it was so cool.

It was a great party! The kids and the adults had a blast.

This is Ella, her friend Layla and the Gavin the birthday boy walking from the parking lot to the fire station.

First sight of the fire truck.

Looking down the hole where the pole is. After all the kids got to look down the hole, we all walked back to the bottom floor and got to watch our guide demonstrate sliding down the pole.

Showing us how they put on all that gear.

Getting to sit in the firetruck. Ella said this was her favorite part.

I'll let you know here that once again I forgot my camera and had to take all of these pics with my phone. So the quality is horrible. Especially this picture, but I wanted to show how the tires of the fire truck are as big as Ella.

It was so fun that they let them spray water out of the hose. One of the kids almost soaked a man and his dog that came around the corner and didn't see them spraying the water.

The ambulance and one of the fire trucks got called out while we were there. It was very exciting. I think the adults were more excited than the kids! It was pretty funny because our tour guide was the ambulance driver and when the call came in, without hesitation he was in the ambulance and gone. Practically mid sentence, he turned around, hopped in the ambulance and took off. So another fireman had to take over.

It was a great bday party. I recommend this for a party if you are trying to think of a fun thing to do for your kiddos.

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Tara G. said...

LOVE it! Laughing about the poor guy and dog! Good thing you live in Texas! ha! My parents and I took the kids to one this summer (because, seriously, can you see me doing this in Ukraine?! ha!) and our guide was called out on a run, too! Our next guide was part Ukrainian- how crazy is that!?

Helen said...

I love seeing kids at fire stations, they always look like they're having the best time! I had no idea they were getting rid of those poles though, that's a total bummer.