Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thanksgiving '10

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! It was pretty low key, which was nice because Heath had to work Thanksgiving day for a bit. So Ella and I, joined my parents at my uncle's house in Mansfield. It's always so fun. We ate good food, played games and Ella got to play with her 2 cousins that she LOVES!!

Ella with her Great Grandparents!

Ella and Cousin Tiffany!

Sweet cousins Zach & Ethan!

Words can not express how much I love these next pictures! I just think my grandparents are the sweetest, most precious people ever! And I think these pictures are the cutest pictures I've ever seen.

I could just cry at how in love they are with each other! I pray that Heath and I are exactly like them when we have been married that long.

This is my granddad trying to give my grandma a kiss! It was so cute!

Can you tell that I can't find the words since I keep saying cute, precious, sweet? I haven't used adorable yet! :-)

They really are the rock of this family. My granddad is still a preacher at his church. I think he just always will be. They love the Lord and they taught their children to love the Lord. Who taught their children to love the Lord and we are teaching Ella to love the Lord. The legacy they are leaving is priceless and I am so thankful.

Ella and Ethan had a little bit of outdoor time. It was 35 degrees this day, so I lasted long enough to get a few pictures and run back inside. Ella and Ethan didn't last much longer.

My mom and dad so sweetly washing all the dishes for us!

When we got home that evening, daddy was off work and Ella was done with the long, hard day of playing. So this was just the perfect ending to the day! So sweet.

It was a great day!! LOTS to be thankful for!

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Kelli said...

Oh my word! The pictures of your grandparents are priceless!


I hope we are the same way!

Helen said...

Your grandparents are so precious! I love to see older couples still in love with each other & the sweetest thing ever (to me) is when I see an older man helping his wife in/out of the car. I love seeing that stuff!

FordeFam said...

Your grandparents are precious!!! You should totally get those framed! I'm sure they would love one of those pics too! ;) Thanks for sharing them! I was almost in tears!