Thursday, November 04, 2010

Texas State Fair!!!!

It is one of our family traditions for us to go to the great Texas State Fair every October. So we went last Tuesday and had a great family day!!!

This year we started out at the petting zoo. It's always so cute and Ella loved it more than ever this year.

Next, we went to The Jumping Dog Show. This is Ella's favorite part of the fair every year! She asks all year long when do we get to go see the dog show again.

I'm a bad mom for forgetting Ella's sunglasses and it was very sunny that day. So at times I had to relinquish mine so she could see. But I thought they looked pretty cute on her. :-)

Finally the moment arrived when we got our Fletcher's Corn Dogs!!!

Ella loves Big Tex! She kind of thinks that Big Tex is Texas. She doesn't really get that Texas is a state that we live in. So she says things like, "Mama, we are going to see Texas?" And as much as I try to explain geography to her, she can't quite wrap her mind around it yet. It's pretty cute!

Time for our traditional picture! We did this the very first year we went to the fair with Ella and thought it was really funny. So every year we find a truck we like and pose the exact the picture! Here's the progression...





Ella was very excited to take a picture with Bumble Bee. In fact I wasn't thinking much about Bumble Bee until Ella came up to me and asked if I could take her picture with Bumble Bee. It was really cute that she wanted to have that.

Watching the Acrobat show.

Fried Frito Pie!! This was the new fried thing I wanted to try this year and it was actually really really good!! If you are not familiar with the Texas Fair than you don't know about this strange thing they do where they literally fry everything. Everything!! It's pretty bizarre.

Mother Goose story time. This is what Ella and I did so Daddy could have some extra time at the Auto Show.

Ella's pink cotton candy.

Playing a fishing game so she could win this little pink bear. She has slept with that little thing every night since she won it, which makes it worth the ridiculous amount that we paid for her to play this fishing game. :-)

The Bird Show is another one of our favorite shows to go to at the fair. They let these birds go from the back of the arena that literally have a 10 feet wing span and they fly inches about the audience's heads. It's actually really cool. Well this was Heath and I Ella on the jumbo tron, which Ella got really excited about.

At the end of the show, they collect money if you want to give some to their bird cause. I'm not sure what it goes towards. But we always let Ella give a dollar because it's really fun to let the bird take the dollar out of your hand and put it in the box.

Just a sweet picture of my sweet girl.

Another tradition we have is we always share a turkey leg.


And as if hadn't already had enough junk food...

We had a great day and the weather was perfect!!! I ended up taking pepto at about 2:00a.m. that morning because I felt so sick, but it was worth it!

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Amanda said...

Fried frito pie? Was that like a festival of indigestion? I love me some frito pie. Also, you are one of my big traffic contributors now. I just noticed! Woo hoo!

The Timberlake Family said...

Funny that Ella thinks Big Tex is Texas. When one of my cousins was that age, they lived in Washington. She thought the airport was TX because when any of us went to visit, they always went to the airport to get us! Funny how their little minds work!

Tara G. said...

Seriously, Janelle, this child is just the cutest little thing!! And look at your swanky bangs- love it!!!!

Helen said...

I'm still bummed that we were there the same day & didn't know it. It would've been so fun to catch up! It looks like you guys had a fabulous day there! I have to say, Bumblebee was a highlight for Kasen as well.