Tuesday, October 05, 2010


A few weeks ago, we got to celebrate Tobey's birthday, a very sweet friend of Ella's! His precious parents had his party at Main Event, which is fun place that has bowling and games, but in a very nice environment. This was our first time to take Ella bowling. She went last summer with her Mimi, but we had never been with her. We had a blast!

I LOVE this whole progression of pictures of Ella and her Daddy helping her bowl. Their special relationship makes my heart smile!

Heath was especially excited to help her with this sport because he is a fan of bowling himself. He even has his own ball..."the green machine". Yes, I know.

Her happy dance! Love it!

As you can see, Ella got second place. But for the record, Tom's dad was a little too helpful. So REALLY Ella WON. But that's just for you and I. I, of course, did not tell her that. I'm not quite ready to project on her my competitive nature. Unfortanetly she will learn that in due time.

See the little tiger? That's is Shoulie. I have no idea how to spell the name Ella gave him. She definitely comes up with very creative names (or made up words) for her animals. Anyway...she loves that tiger. Sadly, it kind of replaced Pablo in her heart about a year ago. Poor Pablo.

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Helen said...

Gosh, I take a few weeks away from reading blogs & I come back to realize how much she's growing! (For some reason I don't notice as much on FB as I do here.) They do that too fast, huh?