Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I was pretty shocked this morning when I looked up online who got kicked off DWTS last night. Texas is known for its whopper storms and last night did not disappoint. I think the tornado sirens went off in every city in the DFW area. Heath and I decided we needed to do a little redecorating of our house, so we headed to IKEA and were on our way home when the storms were in full force. It was a little scary at times while we listened to the news on the radio and they were telling us that the storms are headed east as Heath and I were headed west. It was a race to see if we would reach our house before the storm reached our house. Thankfully, we won. The sirens were going off but we were even able to unload our car of all the decorations before the heavy rain hit.

Anyway...Heather Mills was kicked off DWTS. I really thought it would be John. I enjoy Heather's dancing. I didn't expect her to make it past another week or two, but I didn't expect her to go home last night.

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