Monday, April 23, 2007

The Bachelor!

Chris stars out the night by announcing to all the girls they are traveling on a private jet with Andy to Lake Tahoe! Starting out the show with a bang! I have never been to Lake Tahoe but it's definitely a place that I would love to go to.

Skiing stirs up such great memories in me. Heath and I both have been skiing 3 times in our life and all 3 times it was together. We have made some of the funniest memories skiing, all from hitting a tree, to falling off a ski lift, to extreme altitude sickness, to literally somersaulting down an entire black. I'll let you guess who is attached to each memory. There's never a dull moment when Heath and I are skiing together.

Back to The Bachelor, the first date box arrived and we are told that Bevin, Nicole, Stephanie (Kansas), and Danielle got the first group date, a nice dinner all dressed up.

First scoop of drama is Bevin having a total melt down about her ankle. The girls think she is milking the injury. I think she might actually be upset. They are on a ski vacation and she has a sprained ankle, how much fun can that be? How sweet that all the girls helped her get ready by steaming her dress and doing her hair. I'm surprised her dress didn't have a hole burnt in it and her hair with a 1000 tangles. Andy is making it so obvious that his favorite could possibly be Bevin. He has kissed her several times and begged her to stay in the game, like she would drop out.

Back at the hotel, the girls get a card delivered and we are told that Tessa, Kate, Tina, and Stephanie T. are going on the 2nd group date, which means Amber, my favorite, has scored the one-on-one date. I'm so nervous. There's a lot of pressure on those one-on-one dates and what if he doesn't give her a rose. I haven't even thought about who my 2nd favorite is.

Back to the first group date, Stephanie (Kansas) also has a melt down with Andy. She explains she's a planner, blah, blah, blah. He tells her he wants to meet her family, which means she is probably going home because in true Bachelor form, when a direct statement like that is made, that person usually to our shock goes home.

The time has come for Andy to pick the girl to spend special alone time with him. He picks Bevin. No surprise there. He has made his feelings very clear towards her. Much jealousy and drama. Andy carrying Bevin to his hotel suite was a little much for my stomach. I kind of wanted to throw up a little bit.

So Andy wants to be an astronaut! Very interesting. Did he just say he wants her to win, that he wants her in Hawaii with him in a year? I don't know how I feel about that. What about Amber?

The second group of girls meets Andy at the bottom of the ski slope. Kate was very funny on this date. I actually found myself liking her for the first time.

Back off crazy Stephanie T., stop bashing Amber! Yes, I am jumping up and down, not really, but I could because Stephanie could have just doomed herself. Bachelors always kick off the girl that talks about the other girls to him. Hopefully she just sealed her fate. Now Kate is doing the same thing. Amber's chances are increasing by the minute. However, back at the hotel Amber is obsessing way too much over her alone date. Stop acting crazy.

Amber and Andy's date - So far their date seems to be going great!! Yay! And the kissing begins, followed by the hot tub and more kissing. And she scores the rose. Duh?

I am constantly amazed by Stephanie T.'s "confidence"! She announces she is 90% sure she will be getting a rose. Last week she announced she was 95% sure. Really?

So I'm back to not liking Kate. She really just flat out lied and started a rumor saying that Tina, definitely the sweetest girl in the house, is telling the other girls that Andy and Amber did some really bad things on their date. Who does that?

The Rose Ceremony - First rose goes to Tessa, then Danielle, Bevin (it would have been really sweet if he walked the rose to her instead if him making her walk to him and up 3 steps-you missed a great chivalrous act Andy), Tina (I don't really get this), and Stephanie (Kansas)!! WHOA Stephanie T. is GONE!! I knew it. It always happens that way. You bash the other girls you get the boot. Has she watched previous bachelors? Kate and Nicole are also going home. I liked Nicole. I thought she was entertaining.

So until more drama next week...


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

My favorite is Tessa! Love her!

The Sanders House said... yes i watch the show! i am out of the closet now! :)

so, i am liking this bachelor because he has incredible radar. (my pastors word for discernmnet) He booted every girl that was conviving and evil!

I like Stephanie and Bevin.
We will see.

I am with you..what is with Tina?