Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend!

It was a fun easter weekend! Much different from last year when Ella was still an all the time sleeping "lay down baby" as my little friend Grant would say.
Our church fully embraced this Easter and planned many services for us to fully remember the death and resurrection of our Savior.

Saturday morning was the annual Easter Egg Hunt! I was so excited that Ella and the other babies were old enough this year to participate.

I love this picture of the 9 of us just hanging out.

Ella's first craft ever!

Ella and Ava having fun sharing some cheerios.

Sunni, Xavier and Ava

Curtis, Amanda and Jackson

The daddies helping their babies find the eggs.

Dada showing Ella how to find the chocolate treasures inside the eggs. Big mistake!

Easter morning was filled with a wonderful service of celebration and then on to my parents for Easter lunch with my family.

Amanda and I worked really hard to get this picture of the two of them. Jackson was very interested in the flowers and Ella was very interested in the crying.

Saturday at the Easter Egg Hunt, Ella won the grand prize...this gigantic easter bunny! She was so excited and put on a snuggling show when it was given to her.

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Jessica said...

I love the Grant reference! You know, he is loving Tessa in her "lay down baby" state, but he keeps asking me when she's going to become a "roll over baby", a "sit up baby" and "crawl baby", etc. Funny 4 year old stuff! Love, love, love all of Ella's Easter pictures...she is beyond adorable!