Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sweetest Post Ever

A few days ago, Beth Moore wrote a post on her Living Proof Ministries blog about her friend Johnnie. Beth and Johnnie had babies at the same time and were each other's support group as their children were babies and all through growing up. In her post, she talked so sweetly about her friend. She explained the importance of having a mommy support group to get through the tough times of motherhood and celebrate the good times. She mentioned how thankful she is that Amanda has that same kind of mommy support group. This post will definitely bless you! I've read it a few times and each time I get teary eyed and get goosebumps all over.

One reason why I loved this post so much is because it reminded me of how thankful I need to be for my support group of mommies. I am in constant awe of how God planned out my life and each of my mommy friends' lives to have babies so closely together and pulled us together in the perfect way to form such perfect bonds. Sunni said it best when she said God must have been "giddy" as He planned our lives knowing how over and beyond blessed we would be by the best group of mommy friends ever that He put together! It must be kind of like when we are planning for a really long time a big suprise for someone that we love, a surprise that we know they are going to love so much. You know that feeling of pure joy and excitement and anticipation of how their life is going to be changed forever because of this surprise you are planning. God must feel that way except a thousand times more when He has surprise blessings stored up for us! He knew from the beginning of time that He would knit this group of mommies and their babies together forever. I love you girls!

You must read this post.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

This is so sweet! I love you, too!

wetherell said...

This does not have anything to do with your post even though i do find it very touching minus the fact that i do not have children.... but i wanted to point out that i Corey Wetherell still have not been added to your blog!

wetherell said...

thats what i like to see!!!!