Monday, April 23, 2007


Joey - Great job! They did such a good job tonight. I love them. I've never been able to say anything bad about their performances. He definitely has natural ability.

John - Poor thing! He obviously is now the worst one and surely the next to go. If he had a dynamic personality maybe he would stay around longer, but he's pretty boring. He is very sweet though.

Heather - Wow...oh my gosh. The thing she did when she leaned back really far and he caught her and pushed her back up, was incredible. I have no idea how she was able to do that with one real leg. Amazing.

Laila - Totally rocked the butterfly! Loved it!! She's amazing. She is so graceful. I love that she gets better each week and makes her partner make the dancers harder.

Billy Ray - "Who's Your Daddy" Hilarious that they named one of his moves that. Every week he is the most entertaining. He has natural charisma which makes me love him and want him to stick around. Karina's polka dress was adorable! Are her and Mario a couple? The judges said it just right, "The focus he puts into his dances is what makes him addictive."

Apolo - Do they really have a brother/sister relationship? They say that every week, but I don't know how much I believe it. I liked how they used the chair. It added something a little different. "Choreagraphed poem" I like how they phrased that. It was another amazing performance. They got one ten!!

Ian - Is it just me or has he gotten really serious? He's not as funny as he used to be. Poor Ian. I feel bad for him. Every week the judges are so hard on him. Maybe he deserves it, maybe he doesn't, but I think the harder they are on him the more self-concious he is and the worst he does. He did so great the first couple of weeks.

Group swing dance - Highlight of the dance was when Laila picked up Apolo and swung him around!!

It did my heart good that Norm was there to see Cliff! (Cheers)

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Rebecca Shelton said...

I do like watching Apolo and Joey. They are so good. Um, but I am going to go with Laila, but not because of her. I love her partner, Maks! He is so hot! I wish I was on that show! Ha!! I liked watching the swing, but felt bad for Laila b/c she can't be lifted very high during the line where they all lifted the girls. AHH!! I would have felt awkward so they had to make her pick up Apolo to make it funny.