Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Laney's 1st Birthday

Monday was Laney's 1st Birthday!!! I am still in awe of how perfectly my life has fit together with my best friends! I am amazed that I get to celebrate one 1st birthday after another! It is such a blessing.

Laney, you are an absolute joy to be around!! Your precious face and adorable smile is captivating! Ella is above and beyond blessed to have you as a bestie! Everytime you and Ella are together I imagine the times the two of you are going to have growing up, running around playing at the park, the first day of school, slumber parties, tea parties, playing with your dollhouses, and then the more future ones as you get older that I can't really think about because I don't want to have a melt down right here at my desk. Even though we have only known you for 3 months, it feels like you have been here this whole year, like we've never missed a single second in your life. We love you!!

Sunday night, Kristin threw Laney a very small, intimate party with family. I guess since The Hartsfields are kind of like honorary family members, we had the honor of being invited. It was a great night, spent outside with perfect weather and the perfect ladybug theme for their perfect Laneybug.

Keegan and Ella!

Todd, Kristin and Laney opening her presents!

Laney loved her ladybug birthday cake!

Michelle, & Keegan, me & Ella, Melissa & Joshua

Make sure you don't miss the hilariousness in this picture on the right side. My husband is so funny!

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