Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh the drama is back! The Bachelor!

Let me start by saying, this is the best bachelor they have had! He's a 6 x Iron Man Triathlon and a doctor! And I think he really genuinely cares for people. Now we will probably see as the weeks go on that he cares a little too much for these girls if you know what I'm saying, but as of right now, I am believing that he is going to be a great bachelor

As you know, the more I like a show depends on how much drama there is, so last night was an incredible hour for me. Thank you ABC for finding some crazy girls for us to be well entertained by.

Here are some highlights that are unavoidable to talk about:

Linda - Challenged Andy to a push up contest and probably could have one. Don't girls know that guys don't want a girl whose muscles are bigger than theirs and who can beat them in well, anything. And you can't forget about the eyes and smile.

Bevin - I knew she was getting a rose from the moment Andy's excitement burst through because of the scars on her legs that she so willingly showed him as she hiked up her skirt and Andy proclaimed, "That is hot!" She's gonna go far.

Amber - She is my favorite and right now I am predicting she will win. She is gorgeous and appears to be normal, but as we all know that can change in a matter of an episode. The crazy can come out at any moment!

Tina - NO!!! This is what I am screaming at the t.v. over and over again and she stands and sings The National Anthem off tune for all to hear. Are you kidding me? She's gone, that's what I'm thinking. She just blew her chances. But did Andy really like it? That's the question. Well, he sure did give her a rose to America's surprise!

Blakeney - You will remember her because she's the girl who got so drunk she actually fell over! However, I did enjoy her little rap and beat boxing at the end of the show! You made a good decision Andy to not keep her around.

Nicole - She decided to make Andy a birthday cake. Oh there aren't any eggs. Oh my, what do we do? "I know, let's use tequila instead!" The scene previous to this one was Andy telling the camera "I'm so glad all these ladies are so smart." Really? All of them. And he kept her!

Kate - Crazy! She was the girl with "the short dress" as she liked to refer to herself. And she did the floor worm dance to impress him! Apparently it worked, he gave her a rose!

Stephanie - She impressed Andy by doing a round off back handspring in her long formal gown, through a doorway and landed eloquently on the couch. I must say I was actually impressed with this also and probably also would have given her a rose.

But the most drama award goes to Lindsay. I don't even know what to say. She was totally and completely out of control!

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The Sanders House said...

What about the muffin joke girl? What was her name? Really, is that the first thing you say to a guy you are trying to win the affection of?