Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Birthday Breakfast

My husband got up yesterday morning, after only having two hours of sleep because of getting home late from work, and made me a fabulous birthday breakfast before I left for work. It was so sweet of him and he sacrificed much sleep to surprise me. Thank you dear husband!


Wally said...


I couldn't help but write in to officially ask Mr. Hartsfield to please stop doing stuff like that. It makes the rest of us husbands look real bad.

Ha, ha! Yes, I'm just kidding. (No I'm not. Heath, cut it out. I'm serious.) Ha ha! Oh, man! Yep, just kidding! (Really. Cut it out. I mean it.)

It was good to see y'all a few weeks ago, and I hope all is well!


The Sanders House said...

wow...go Heath! He has always been good about making you feel special!