Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ella's sickness

What an awful day this has been. I just wanted to update y'all really quickly on what we have been through today. Ella's stomach bug took a huge turn for the worse last night. She woke up several times vomiting and with diarrhea. This morning I knew we had to head to the doctor right away because she had not had a wet diaper in 12 hours, so she had to have been dehydrated. Sure enough, our doctor sent up immediately to Las Colinas Medical for an iv. While there she threw up so much that the doctors did not feel comfortable sending us home with her not being able to keep anything down for longer than a second. Medical City Dallas sent an ambulance and transported her to them where they are better equipped for itty bitty babies.

When we arrived there, they gave her more fluids through her iv and this miracle medicine for her stomach. After that she totally perked up and was sitting up and actually smiling. This is a total miracle if you could have seen how she was at Las Colinas. She was extremely lethargic, hardly responding to anything, staring into space. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen! I was gripped with fear not seeing her move on the hospital bed for hours. She would only move to scream when they poked her for the 100th time. Seriously, she had 6 needles poked into her precious little skin. It took them four times to get the iv in and then they had to draw blood from two other spots. As a mother, it took everything out of me to not kick those nurses out the door and throw their needles after them. But I knew that it had to be done! And throughout this week, she lost a whole pound, which is a lot when you already only weigh 18 1/2 pounds at 14 months.

Medical City was prepared to keep us over night, but after they saw her incredible recovery they sent us home!! Praise Him because we had many people praying for us all day!!

Ella is now fast asleep with her daddy. We will continue to pray that she has a great couple of days and continues to make a speedy recovery.

I am so grateful for my friends and family and stood by our side all day today. It was the longest day of my life totaling 14 hours at the hospital. Ella is so happy to be home and we are too!


Kevin and Christie said...

I am so glad to hear that she is doing better...that had to be scary! We will pray that she continues to get better over the next couple of days!


The Sanders House said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I just read your blog for the first time in a while and I had not clue this was happening! I am glad to hear she is better!