Wednesday, April 25, 2007

AI Top 6

Our first night without Sanjaya!! It was great! With Ella's ER visit last week, I didn't get to write about or celebrate Sanjaya finally getting the boot!! Obviously I was overjoyed! However, I am still seeing him everywhere!! Even his sister was on Regis and Kelly a few mornings ago. I think we will be seeing Sanjaya for a long time.

It's a totally different show now that he is gone. It seemed very serious tonight, like all games are over and the real competition has begun.

Chris - "Change the World" I thought he was good. He definitely didn't wow us last night and I need to hear that from Chris!

Melinda - "There Will Come A Day" Excellent! I love this song and Melinda gave me goosebumps!! She is above and beyond the rest of the group.

Blake - "Imagine" Did y'all like his performance last night? I love Blake. I thought it was great, however I do feel like he is getting a little old. What we liked about him was how unique he was, but I feel like he has sung the same song 5 weeks in a row.

LaKisha - "I Believe" I couldn't peel my eyes away from the TV screen her entire performance. She totally captivated me last night. In fact, I even teared up a little. I felt it was her best performance. The judges however, did not like it because they compared her to Fantasia. Which is true, Fantasia does a great job singing that song, but I think LaKisha held her own and did it justice.

Phil - "Change" Great job. Phil gets more and more appealing to the audience each week. I guess maybe it's as his confidence grows, maybe so will his popularity.

Jordin - "You'll Never Walk Alone" It was amazing of course. She will probably be in the bottom two. I really want Blake to be in the bottom two just to add a little something different in the head to head competition. But Jordin probably deserves to be there more.

I don't know who will go. It's getting really tough now. All the easy ones to kick off are gone and it's just going to continue to get harder each week. LaKisha could possibly go. My prediction is Phil only because he has already been in the bottom three a couple of times.

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The Sanders House said...

Lakisha is going. I feel it.