Monday, April 09, 2007


The dances tonight were great and not so great.

Laila - Her dance was the same as all the other dances she has done. The judges said she is going backwards, but I think she is just staying the same. She's not really any better, but she's still great.

Apolo - Are they not the cutest couple this season? Such cuties! They did an excellent job!

Leeza - She looked incredible in her black leather costume! The dance was so stiff it was a little hard to watch. This could have been her last dance.

Ian - He has been my favorite the last 2 weeks, but tonight was not as great. He was very off balance and almost tripped a couple of times. I think he is letting the competition get to him. He got one bad comment last week and it has totally messed him up.

John - He is so sweet and kind, but he just is not one of the best. The judges thought it was a disaster. I wouldn't go that far. Definitely if they don't go tomorrow night they will in the next couple of weeks.

Clyde - He gets my vote to go home. He is so fun, but needs to go. Bruno had the funniest quote of the night. "There's more romance between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell than their dance."

Billy Ray - Very, very entertaining! This is one of my favorite couples. He has to work the hardest to keep up with those that are naturally good. And he does. He is so dedicated each week. He is very endearing.

Heather - Very graceful Waltz! The judges liked it. She seems very natural and is always very graceful.

Joey - Best of the night! I thought my crush Apolo was going to get my best of the night vote, and then Joey danced. His dance was amazing. His posture was great. His booty wasn't sticking out. Everything about it was perfect. Even his perfect 10 from Carrie Ann, the first perfect 10 of the season.

Who's going home: It really has to be Clyde. If not Clyde, than Leeza.


Rachael said...

I loved Joey as well. He was GREAT tonight!!! I went home early from work just in case he danced first and I had to see him. I thought he would get all 10s though....maybe next week!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Leeza looks so good, but you're right---so tight and painful to watch. I was cringing.