Wednesday, April 11, 2007

AI Top 8

Jennifer Lopez was this week's special guest and mentor to the Idols. Can I just say that she is beautiful? Like Gwen, there is something about these guest stars that makes me totally love them by the time the show is over. She was really good with them and funny.

I've been reading a lot of reviews of last night's show and most were very disappointed and bored by last night's performances. I definitely was not bored. Everybody, except for Phil and Sanjaya, sang fun upbeat songs. I did however feel that they were all lacking in their musical talent a bit except for one, but I'll get to that later.

Melinda - "Sway" Simon did not like it because he felt like a song like that needs more personality, more than she has. She needs the "wow factor performance." Melinda is my favorite so it is hard for me to imagine her less than perfect, but I did agree with him that she does lack a bit of personality. She's as funny as can be, but she's not very dynamic. Still her song was amazing.

LaKisha - "Conga" Randy loved it. Paula and Simon actually agreed and did not like it. It wasn't spectacular. She definitely did step out of her comfort zone, which I appreciate.

Chris - "Smooth" Great! He gets more and more adorable to me each week. Loved part of the band being on stage with him. And the judges liked it. He got great comments.

Haley - "Turn the Beat Around" Where to start? Judges did not like it, duh! Simon said "You have a smart tactic, wear as less clothes as possible"! Harsh, but true. I think her shorts were even shorter this week and her lipstick even brighter. Who is coaching her in this direction? She's a gorgeous girl, she doesn't need to do all of that.

Phil - "Maria, Maria" Worst performance yet from him! I'm afraid this could send him home. His poor voice is so tired, he cracked twice during the song. I did love his honest pre singing video when he said he would be singing and then look over and think, that girl looks like Jennifer Lopez, oh wait THAT IS JENNIFER LOPEZ and that would make him lose all concentration and he would forget what he was singing. I would be so star struck by all these guest stars, I don't think a word would come out of my mouth when it was my turn to be coached by them.

Jordin - "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You" I thought it was really good. Her cheesyness wasn't as bad this week.

Blake - "I Need To Know" A lot of people are probably not going to agree with me, but I liked him the best last night! So did Simon and since I mostly agree with Simon I know I can't be completely off with my opinion. I love love love his voice! He could never look ackward on stage because of his dancing ability. I think that's what I like about him best.

Sanjaya - "I'm going to hate myself for this, it wasn't horrible." I think what Simon said is what everyone is thinking right now. STILL...he should go home. This is what bothers me about this whole situation. The other amazing performers can be a little off one week, and will be totally ripped apart by the judges. Our worst performer can have one decent performance and be complimented and praised by each judge. Where is the logic in that?

Bottom Three: Phil, Haley, Sanjaya (probably not but I'm still going to put him in the bottom three) If it's not those 3, I am scared to think who could go home.

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Jennisa said...

I found your site off of SPLAT designs...OH MY GOODNESS...I just read your first three posts, and I think you're going to be my bloggie buddy already! I LOVE AI and the Bachelor, I love Jesus, and have a little girl (actually 2 little girls) too! Your family is adorable! Come and stop by sometime!