Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am at work right now, which I love to be at, but I cannot stop wondering how my faves did last night on AI! That's right, I again missed one of my favorite shows.

My sweet girl was still really sick yesterday. She wasn't throwing up anymore, she was just very clingy and sad which makes me want to be clingy and sad! However, this morning she looked much better. Hopefully she will be feeling back to her normal, happy, giggly self again today.

So I missed AI, I did however speed through DWTS the Monday night dances and the results show and I am so happy I did because APOLO got all 10's!!!!!! Go Apolo! My favorites are finally on top!

Clyde was the one to leave and rightfully so. I don't think there's anyone that truly thinks he should not have been the one to go home last night. Even the judges said, "you are the worst one in the competition." But he was very sweet and kind and his pre-dancing videos never failed to entertain me.

Okay, I must finish listening to Kidd Kraddick's reflection on last night's Idol.
To get a great recap of last night's show, check out BooMama.

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