Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hello Mr. Governor

Saturday afternoon in Austin last weekend we had a few minutes free time in between the rehearsal and the wedding. The Murrells and us decided to take our babies to the capitol. Even though we got some of the most adorable pictures ever, it was accompanied by some guilt. Kristin had told all of us we should go to the capitol and take pictures of the babies Saturday morning after the babies wake up, but before their morning naps. A few of us in our group weren't real excited about running to the capitol at 8 in the morning and prefered to relax in their hotel room that morning because of all the crazy running around. So it didn't happen. When we did decide to go later that afternoon, our few minute break that we had landed right at Laney's nap time and they weren't able to go with us. Basically, I benefited from an excellent idea Kristin had and they weren't even able to join us. Why the guilt? I was one of those "few" that didn't want to go that early. So imagine cute little Laney in all of these cute pictures.


Sunni said...

Very cute pictures! And I did imagine Laney in them!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Oh, the one with the sunglasses...can I make that my screensaver? SO ADORABLE! Please frame that for me for my birthday. You have six months.