Monday, March 26, 2007


That is what my title will be for the Dancing With The Stars recaps. Creative huh? haha

Just a little recap..
Shandi, Clyde, Leeza, Paulina, and John are definitely the ones that are the most ackward and stiff. Somehow they need to loosen up. They definitely aren't horrible, but they are in the bottom according to, well, my opinion and the judges scores.

Apolo, Ian, Billy Ray, Heather, Laila and Joey are all almost tied as my favorite (of course Apolo is really my favorite)! They are all so good! And they are so entertaining! Each of them are funny and sweet. Billy Ray's pre-dance video was hilarious! However, they are last place with the judges scores. I need to get online and vote for them right now. I am not ready for them to be gone.

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Rebecca said...

I have to say I love Leila, but just because she is Mak's partner.
He is my favorite. I have a small tv crush on him. So cute to me!