Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Tubes

We had such a great time yesterday at our playgroup. My friend Corey had told me about this place at Irving Bible called The Tubes. She would take the two girls there that she nannied for all the time and they loved it! It's a huge indoor playground and all it is are those tubes like at the McDonald's playground. They had one tube that was smaller and a padded slide for the babies. And they have tables with high chairs!! Seriously, they've thought of everything! The babies had so much fun!

Ava, Ella, Joshua and Laney

Ella's first run through the tube.

Jackson, Ella and Laney

Ella and Ava met in the middle for some girl time.

Jackson and Ella. We ended up stripping the babies down to their diapers so they could crawl easier without slipping!

Ella is such the standy mandy. A nickname from her daddy.


alicia said...

I love these play dates. Such great and fun memories. It's like these babies are already learning about community at a young age!! I love it.

Sunni said...

Love the pictures! I think Ava really wanted me to take her to the tubes today again! She loved it!