Thursday, March 08, 2007

AI - Week 3 Results

Not Sabrina!! Please not Sabrina!!

Antonella - absolutely!
Jared - Yes!
Sundance - Okay!
Sabrina - No, No, No! Not one of the best! Not one of the powerhouse girls! Ya know, I had a feeling this might happen. The votes were too split. There are so many amazing girls that there weren't enough votes to go around to all of them.
So Haley's in the top 12. Well it could have been worse, it could have been Antonella in the top 12.
And Sanjaya is in the top 12. Oh my goodness!

Maybe this is the reason why he is still in.

Overall, we have a great top 12! I'm so glad my #1 and #2 made it!

So here are the top 12 in order of my faves!
1. Melinda
2. Blake
3. Lakisha
4. Stephanie
5. Jordin
6. Chris R.
7. Gina
8. Chris s.
9. Phil
10. Brandon
11. Haley
12. Sanjaya

Next week will be a lot more exciting, it always is when they finally get to the top 12.

The big announcement: they kept hyping up this big announcement all week. Well, I am so glad that the big deal was not something so incredibly trivial. They are actually doing some good. They are raising money to give kids in Africa and in the U.S. Simon and Ryan went to Africa and they showed some very sweet footage of them playing with the adorable African children! It brought tears to my eyes! My likeness of Simon went up a few notches with that.

Let me know what you thought of tonight's results! I'm interested in hearing who your favorite is. Rebecca, I can't wait to hear what you thought!!


The Sanders House said...

I found myself screaming at the tv last night! It is just not fair...Haley? You could read it all over Sabrina's face. "WHAT??? She gets to stay??" I thought Jared could be out as well, but I was hoping for Sunjaya. Well...this should be an interesting season.

Sunni said...

What? Vote for the Worst? That's the WORST thing I've ever heard!