Thursday, March 08, 2007

AI - Week Three, The Girls

Day and Night. That is the difference between the guys and girls! I could listen to those girls sing for hours. Tuesday night, I was counting the minutes until the show was over.

The show started with Jordin singing Heartbreaker. It was nice to hear her sing an upbeat song! And of course she did an amazing job, especially since we can't forget that she is only 17!

Sabrina did really well! Like the judges said, she seems to be trying a little hard therefore screaming parts of the song, but she's still incredible and absolutely gorgeous!

Antonella was next. I thought she did a little better last night. Simon was very sweet when he said that she had been handling herself very well with all the stuff that's been in the media. There really is no comparison here though. I must say I laughed out loud when she said she wasn't any worse than the other girls, her style was just different. Well, that's certainly one way to put it.

Haley I think is very good, but like Antonella, she is in this singing competition with 5 powerhouses...most everyone would sound bad when surrounded by that.

Stephanie - incredible! I need some different words to describe these girls!!

Lakisha - WOW!!

Gina did excellent! Love her! I love that she sang her style and rocked. I love that she has a different style and I don't mean a "bad syle" but seriously different than 5 powershouses and still seems up to par with them. I look forward to her song each week.

Melinda!! What can anyone say other than fabulous, spectacular, incredible, breath taking? She apparently is also funny because her bit about her being OCD and how she looks at it as equal opportunity cracked me up. "When my right hand does something it's just right that my left hand do it too. When one foot steps on a crack the other foot should also. It's all about equality!" So funny!

So here it is: Antonella and Haley have to be the ones to go! If any of the other girls go there will be an outcry.


The Sanders House said...

Amen sister!! If Antonella and Haley stay...I might abandon AI all together. Not really, but it sounds like a good threat right?

Rebecca Shelton said...

AHHH! I missed it and forgot to DVR it, but I am watched tonight so I will wait for you to post what you think. Ahh, I can't wait. Post now!! =)