Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AI - Top 11

Haley - Shirt? What? Okay, she did better this week and she is beautiful, but really, is less clothes the answer?

Chris R. - He sang a slow song this week to show off his voice instead of his dance moves. The judges loved it. I thought it was good, but a little boring.

Stephanie - Simon thinks this could be the week she goes home. The judges thought she over sang her song again like last week. That might be true, but she's still amazing and should NOT be the ONE to go home!

Blake - Loved it! He is just so entertaining! Love the dancing, love the singing. And just as I predicted last week, he really brought it this week coming off from his not so good performance from last week.

Lakisha - Simon and Randy thought it was boring and I have to say I agree with them. I'm ready to hear her do something fun and upbeat. These ballads are getting more and more sleep inducing for me and with a 1 year old that since the time change thinks her morning starts at 6:00 a.m. it doesn't take much for me to fall asleep. But still she is incredible and nothing will ever change that.

Phil - He had an amazing range last night! It was fun to listen too. I disagreed with Simon, which is unusual, I liked Phil's song.

Jordin - Possibly the best of the night. Total goose bumps all over.

Sanjaya - Last night's performance was so bad. Really it kind of seemed like a joke. When he started screaming some of the lyrics I giggled a little. Howard Stern is promoting on his radio show This has got to stop. And the girl that was bawling...we all thought it was because she was scared of his yelling, but come to find out it was because she loves him so much.

Gina - The judges did not love this song and I had to agree. She is still one of my favorites, she just had a really bad night. I hope she doesn't go home because of it.

Chris S. - He did a good job.

Melinda - Two nights in a row where my favorite was saved for the last. She did a phenomonal job as always.

Sanjaya obviously needs to go.
Melinda was still the best!
Lakisha had the best response to the judges. Simon said she looked and sang like she was 45 years older than she is and she said "Well, I hope I look this good in 45 years!" Loved it!

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The Sanders House said... that girl crying was funny. I was afraid that the media was going to make fun of her. She is going to look back in a few years be embarrassed that she like Sanjaya that much. I was laughing so much through his performance. Take the stage away and it looked like he was dancing around his house with a hairbrush pretending that he was on American Idol. What in the world were the judges thinking when they passed him into the finals. Weird.