Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AI - Top 12

The real competition has finally begun!!! Everything leading up to this point is entertaining enough, but this is when the real fun begins! This is where it all counts and if you can't bring it at this point you don't need to be here. The night was actually very good overall. There were some oops and some oh no, no, no, but for the most part it was amazing!

Brandon - The judges really let him have it. I thought he did a pretty good job. The song was really fun. But oh wait, no he forgot the words. Huge no no! Other than that I thought it was good. We will soon find out that he was not the only one to make probably the biggest oops you could make.

Melinda - I laughed and cried with her tonight. Her response on what the hardest part has been so far "the heals and dresses" was hilarious! And her song, well I'll just say Paula wasn't the only one crying. Love Melinda's humility! She is The Powerhouse!

Chris S. - He had a huge disadvantage before he even sang his first note. He had to follow Melinda. They didn't even put a commercial break in between them! That is so sad for Chris. I think I would have demanded that happen and pray that I didn't draw the number after her for next week. I didn't love his song, but could I really hear him over blowing my nose and wiping my tears?

Gina - Love her! Again, she is not one of the Powerhouse girls, but there is something about her that I love. I am so entertained every time she gets on the stage. She didn't do her best last night, but it was still very entertaining.

Sanjaya - Okay, Diana Ross said it best "You care about him." That was her way of being nice and it's true. I find myself liking who he is but his talent is so lacking I am in awe that he is in the Top 12! I'm going to go ahead and be nice and stop there.

Haley - Another oops! I think she probably did an okay job last night, besides forgetting the words, but I could not get passed my feelings of how in the world is she up there singing when it should be Sabrina up there?

Phil - Great job! And I vote for him to get the prize of best last note of the night, if there was such thing as that award. Okay I'm creating it right now. Phil, you get the best last note of the night award.

LaKisha - Her dress was gorgeous and her performance was equally breathtaking! Love it girl!

Blake - He has been my 2nd favorite of the competition just because of how unique he is. Well, last night was not unique at all. He said that he put together a new arrangement of "You Keep Me Hangin On" but it wasn't really new or different. It was kind of boring actually, which is so weird for Blake. I think he is going to really stand out next week knowing he has some making up to do from this week.

Stephanie - The judges did not like her last night. I have to disagree with them because I thought it was incredible as always. I can't imagine her not doing a good job. But I do have to agree with Simon (which I usually do) that Melinda and LaKisha are in a whole different league and the rest will continue to be compared to them.

Chris R. - Not such a good job, but I do like him and this is why. Ella got her sway on with him. She watched the whole show with me and never once started to dance to any of the songs, but when his song came on she smiled and started swaying back and forth, which means he will remain one of my favorites. But Ella doesn't have a history of picking the most talented. Last year Ace was her favorite. Okay, so she was only 1 month old to 3 months old while it was on so how could I know who her favorite was, but I'm telling you when he started singing she would stop crying or perk up, which at that age means opened her eyes.

Jordin - Her song could have seemed a little boring but she totally captivated me. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for a second. I know I say this every week, but can you believe she is only 17? Fabulous!

Summation: Sunjaya must go! I've said that for 3 weeks now. I don't want to have to say that again next week.
Melinda is still the front runner.

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