Wednesday, March 07, 2007

AI - Week 3, The Boys

Well, I am glad that last night's show was only an hour long. That's one positive thing, right?

The boys were back to their week one selves.
We will start with Blake. I still love him! He was great again last night. He will definitely be the last boy standing.
Sanjaya still so sweet. But he really has to go this week. Totally shocked when he walked on stage, as I know you were too! His hair was gorgeous, maybe not on him, but I'd love it on me!
Sundance did pretty well. Nothing much else to say.
Chris "JT" did a good job. I really like him. He doesn't have the greatest voice, but he is so likable! I want him to be in the final few of the competition.
Jared did okay. I'm sorry, I'm at such a lack of words for these boys.
Brandon's smile gets bigger everytime I see him! I love it! He still didn't show off the voice that he has to have. I mean he's a back up singer for some huge performers, it has to be better than that, right?
Phil was not as good this week! I really liked him last week. He was my 3rd favorite. This week, I don't know if it was the LeAnn Rimes song or what but it was not so good.
Chris S. did an excellent job! Totally moved into my 3rd favorite slot.

Wrap up: Sunjaya is definitely gone. The other guy will probably be Brandon even though I would rather see Sundance or Jared go. This really is a crazy season of American Idol. They've got 5 absolutely amazing girls and one amazing boy. Simon, Randy and Paula are responsible for the ones that made it to the final 24. They choose them, not us. So I'm just wondering what they were thinking. Were these really the best of all the thousands of boy singers they saw? Did they choose these not so great boys on purpose to guarantee one of the powerhouse girls would win? Something to think about.


Rebecca said...

Okay! My top picks are Chris Sligh number 1. Then I like the Justin Timberlake guy and the beat box guy. I think Sanjaya is sweet...I think he is a bit girly though. The hair...he must have a good flat iron!! Two people HAVE to go for me...Sundance and Phil Stacey. Sundance should have never made the show. (A friend today told me the reason he made it is because that other guy who was in the final two had some issues in his past when they did the background check.) Don't know if that is true or not. Oh and Phil...what was he was painful to watch...Leann Rimes?? What? I am looking forward to the girls and your AI update tomorrow!

The Sanders House said...

Wow..the boys were terrible this week. A real bore! I have wondered what in the world the judges were thinking. I agree with you, the only one worth saving is Blake. It is hard to compare him with Melinda or the other girls because their styles are sooo different. So, it will be interesting to see what America prefers. That is what is boils down to. I am pleading with every 17 year old out there to stop texting for Sunjaya over and over again. It is not a high school talent show!