Friday, March 02, 2007

AI Results

I'm going to go ahead and say this and get it over with...WHAT?! I am shocked at the results. But you know it's American Idol and this will happen all season, the wrong people having to say goodbye too early. I got in late Wednesday night and had to watch the girls' show and the result show last night. Quickly, LaKisha, Melinda, Jordin, and Sabrina...y'all are incredible! I don't think there could ever be one negative thing that anybody could ever say about them! I get goosebumps everytime I hear one of them sing. If things go like they should, these 5 will definitely make it to the final 12. The 6th position I would choose to go to Gina. I love her voice. It maybe isn't as powerful as the big 5 but it's wonderful!

So moving on, I can not believe that Antonella is going to be around for another week! This is why I shouldn't be allowed to watch this show. It's bad for my blood pressure. Alaina and Leslie were voted out. I agree with both of those. Maybe for not this week but they would have been gone next week for sure.
For the boys...I totally disagree that Nick and A.J. should have gotten the boot! They are great. I don't think that they are the best of the boys but certainly not the worse.

On a side note, did anybody catch the comment that Ryan Seacrest said to Kelly Pickler when he asked her what she has been spending her money on. If you did, let me know.

Until next week when I'm sure we have more big shockers and more high blood pressure inducing drama!


Jason and Amy Horton said...

You are probley wondering how in the world I ended up at your blog. Well, here's how...i was checking the new templates at splat design b/c Lindsay is designing one for me. There I found "Baby Bangs" and from there I clicked on Ella, and here I am. Great post! I totally agree with you AI comments. We are definatly on the same page. And, yes, Ryan, was NOT talking about her new shoes! Hysterical! Thanks for the laugh. Come visit my blog sometime!

The Sanders House said...

Ha Ha!! I did catch that little Seacrest comment! I know exactly what she spent her money on! They were a little too perky!! I was so a little aggrivated as well that Antonella is on for another week. Geese..America...stop voting for her because she is pretty!

Rebecca Shelton said...

I do like Sanjaya...I don't know why. I am glad he did not get voted off. I don't know what people see in Sundance. I do like the Doolitte lady!! Oh yes! I saw the Kelly Pickler comment. I noticed her new additions immediately, but did not catch on so fast to his question, but yes, he was referring to her you know whats!! They were ginormous!!! And the dress made them pop out even more! She said she had been buying shoes. He asked "anything else?" Surely she is not that dingy and understood what he was referring to!! WOW!!
Good to see you tonight!!!

alicia said...

Believe it or not...I get to watch american idol here in India. It just comes on a day, thurs, and fri. I totally got the Ryan Seacrest joke...she looked aweful on the show.

My favorite boys in order are Blake, Chris, and the bald guy. And the girls...those black ladies bring down the house!! I heard there's a site called "vote for the worst" and antonella is on it. So i think ppl are just trying to keep her in. Who knows?