Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Save the Best for Last

Yesterday was a packed day, part of it was not so fun. It included for an hour and a half trying to find a couple of my friends who asked me to pick them up from the airport! Then a trip to Babies R Us to find an Easter dress for Ella which proved unsuccessful, then onto Bunco at my friend Angela's house in Dallas. I was exhausted at the end of the day but I had a driving force to keep me going. That driving force was Apolo Anton Ohno! I have had a smidge of a crush on Apolo going on 6 years now since I saw him skate in the 2002 Olympics. I never thought I would be into speed skating but it quickly became mine and my husband's favorite Olympic event. 6 years ago we sat on our couch, well not sitting because we were jumping up and down, as Apolo skated his all in the very nail biting, edge of your seat, photo finish races beating out the Koreans! There is always huge controversy and drama between Apolo and the #1 Korean and last year it was exactly the same. We sat on our couch the exact way, jumping up and down except with a lot less energy because we had a one week old baby.

Now knowing this, you can imagine my excitement 2 months ago when they announcement the "stars" for the new season of Dancing With the Stars and Apolo was on the list. I immediately emailed my girlfriends in my excitement and told Heath in a high pitched voice that night, who really could not have cared less.
I got home from Bunco, made myself a little snack, pressed play on my Tivo and waited in ancticipation as Dancing With The Stars put Apolo last to dance, with his red bandana and all his dancing skills! I was not let down!

The whole show was great. This is a really good group. The guys were all excellent. The girls however needed to loosen up. All their dances were very boring, but I guess that's not their fault the choreography was blah. They were all very stiff. My favorite girl was Laila Ali. The boys were all very funny and entertaining! It was hilarious that the dancer Kym kept calling Joey Fatone the "Fat One". Not that he is fat but he wants to use this show as a means for loosing weight.

I've been thinking about starting a seperate reality show blog because The Bachelor starts in 2 weeks and there is always MUCH to talk about with that show. Plus, Heath told me that I am "tainting Ella's blog with drivel" and "those who are looking at my blog who want to look at pictures of Ella do not want to read about reality shows." But I don't agree with him. However, I am seriously considering the separate blog.


Sunni said...

OK, somehow my idiot DVR didn't record it! Can you save it and I'll watch it the next time I'm at your house?

Joshua Murrell said...

Ah, my reality show friend! It would be very appropriate for you to have a reality show blog...dedicated to your favorite tv shows!

Kevin and Christie said...

Janelle -

LOVE IT! I too am a fan of reality TV...either way I would read both...but, keep me posted!

I don't agree that Ella's page is tainted though...I am sure she too will be a reality fan!!


The Sanders House said...

Tell heath that people read your blog to look at pics of Ella and reality show commentary. But a new blog would be fun!!