Thursday, May 03, 2007

When the Lights Go Down in the City

I didn't get to watch a second of American Idol or any other tv last night because Texas got another one of its whopper storms and this one effected us big time.

We are one of the lucky 300,000 in DFW that had none and still remains with no power. Last night at about 7:00 our power went out, but I wasn't too worried thinking, oh they'll get it back up soon. But as time went by I started to lose hope that I would be out of the dark tonight. By 8:00, Ella was in bed and by 8:30 Heath thought he would take advantage of the dark and nothing to do and catch up on some sleep. So I sat on my couch in the silence, with tea light candles lit all around, bored out of my mind. I called a few friends and talked on the phone until 10:30 and went to bed.

I was going a little crazy wondering what happend on American Idol and who the two were that got kicked off. I called my friend Linsey and she walked me through, who got kicked off. I made her tell me dramaticaly, like they told everyone watching, so I could get the whole feel of the show. And not to my surprise it was Phil and Chris. It would not have mattered who left the show last night, I would have been sad. At this point, they are all amazing and I like each one almost equally. However, Melinda is still my favorite, but Blake is definitely closing the margin with his performance Tuesday night.

The news is saying that some people could be out of power for a week!! Lord, please let this not be! Thursday night is THE night of television in our house, with Survivor, My Name is Earl, and the best show on tv...The Office. Plus, the Mavericks play their must win to survive in the playoffs game tonight and we might not have power!

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