Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DWTS - The Show Down

The dancers danced two dances last night. The first was a dance that the judges picked, probably the dance the dancer had the hardest time with during the season. The second dance was the free style, my personal favorite to watch. The dancers get to do pretty much whatever they want, including lifts, which are forbidden during the entire competition.

Dance #1: The Judges Choice

Laila: Pase Doble - There was LOTS of passion with this dance. Laila gave it everything she had and you could tell. She did great! Score: 29

Apolo: Rumba - Len and Carrie Ann agreed that their wasn't enough chemistry and romance. Bruno disagreed with them so much that there was a big arguement between himself and Len. I must say, I can never ever judge the dancers technique since I know zero about dancing, BUT I can have an opinion on rather there is chemistry and romance in a dance and they certainly had an abundance of both. Score: 28

Joey: Cha Cha Cha - Each judge had something negative to say. I didn't think it was bad at all. It was very entertaining, but apparently the technical was not so good. Score: 26 OUCH!

Dance #2: The Freestyle
Laila: Tribute to the 80's, including the running man! Gotta love that! All season I have not thought Maks, Laila's partner, was that cute. But I only have DWTS eyes for Apolo. However, my 28 year old friend Rebecca, has had a crush on him all season. Then tonight, my friend Kim told me that Maks makes her 85 year old Nanny have a hot flash!!

The judges all agreed that Laila's freestyle missed sex appeal. Score: 26 Yikes!

Apolo: They did a hip hop routine with some 80's dance moves thrown in and it was HOT! Crowd goes crazy for them every time! Carrie Ann didn't even say anything, she just gave them huge hugs! I am LOVING how this is looking for Apolo! Score: 30!

Joey: BIG sigh of relief that they were NOT going to waste their freestyle dance to a slow version of "Last Dance". It was very entertaining! Score: 30

The past 2 seasons, they have brought the competition down to the final two. This is interesting that this season, we are choosing our champion from the final three. I'm excited about tonight!! Crossing my fingers for Apolo!


Rachael said...

Apolo....no Joey has to win!!!!! my mom loves Apolo...I was also kind of scared that Joey was going to do a slow dance for his freestyle...but no he did great!!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for mentioning my Nanny...haha that cracked me up!! She really does though! :)

I cant wait for tonight...so many shows, so little time!!!