Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Down to the final 5! Already? It's 3:00 p.m. and we just got home from Kansas, Ella is napping and I am trying to watch DWTS and The Bachelor as quickly as possible so I can be caught up with everyone else!!

Dance #1
Ian - The judges did not love this dance, but they didn't hate it either. They gave him a 8, 7, 7. Ian is amazing, but I think this is his "Last Dance." It's going to be between him and Billy Ray. If Billy Ray brings his passion and humor, he could beat out Ian's talent.

Joey - The judges agreed that Joey held back. And I agree as well. Since I know ZERO about dancing technically correct, part of me would prefer entertainment over proper dancing. Apparently he was right on technically, but very safe. He still got a good score of 26.

Billy Ray - I don't want him to go home this week! He makes me so happy! All 3 judges agreed, it was technically pretty bad, but as entertaining as ever. They only got an 18, so it's not looking too great.

Laila - Love the family pictures!! She looks exactly like her mom! Laila's straight hairdo looks amazing. She just blew a kiss to her dad in the audience!! What a great surprise! It was hard for me to focus on her dance at all after that sweet moment. Total score of 27!

Apolo - They fought for this dance. I could tell as soon as they stepped on the dance floor that they were in this for first place tonight!! Wow...I can not believe that Len gave them an 8! I could not disagree more with his negative comments. And whoa, a judging score controversy. This is what I like to see. Carrie Ann held up the 10, but meant to hold up the 9. Wait, but then she says she did mean to hold up the 10. They will sort it out during the break. And it's sorted out...she meant to give them a TEN...her computer made the mistake apparently. So their score is 28!

Dance #2
Ian - The judges are saying he doesn't look natural. Does anyone else feel torn with Ian? I think he is a great person, funny, cute, but I guess I just don't see his passion. Score: 25

Joey - This is what the audience likes to see!! So entertaining! Who do they keep pointing to? Does anybody know? Joey pointed to this lady and then Carrie Ann pointed to her. Is she someone special or was she just acting crazy to the point where they noticed? Score: 29!

Billy Ray - Sure did not pass up the opportunity to shake Mr. Ali's hand and throw some (or couldn't stop throwing) air punches up! Score: 20.

Laila - Could she be any cuter? Big time criticism on the beginning of the dance. They want more dancing! She's so good, they don't have to cover her lack of dancing up with a show. Score: 26

Apolo - They incorporate the music so well into their dances!! They get more cheers from the audience than all the other dancers. This dance could not have been more perfect. I could have not watched any other dance tonight, except for theirs and felt like I didn't miss a thing! Another PERFECT 10! Totally deserved!

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