Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Anniversary Trip!!!!

Heath and I had a fabulous time on our Anniversary trip! We decided to go to San Antonio and stay on the Riverwalk. We stayed at a very fun, modern hotel called Hotel Valencia. We didn't really do much this trip, except for lots of sleeping, which was pretty much the whole purpose, we just thought it would be more fun to do lots of sleeping in a nice hotel room instead of our own bedroom.

Here's a little recap:

Friday late morning we got up and headed to Market Street so I could eat a bowl of tortilla soup from La Margarita, which I am now addicted to.

This is us on the trolley. We spent a lot of time on this trolley going from place to place after we decided we were tired of walking so much. It's our vacation and sore muscles are not part of that equation.

Heath and I have been to San Antonio three times. The first time was for our 1 year anniversary. The second time was for my cousin Jerry's graduation from the air force, which necessitated a day trip to the Riverwalk. And this was our third time. The first time we went, we discovered our favorite place on the Riverwalk. It's called Jim Cullum's landing and we visit it every time we are there. It's a very small area right on the Riverwalk and every night there is a jazz band that plays the softest, most relaxing music. We love to sit there and listen, while we eat and Heath smokes his annual cigar. Friday night we spent a couple hours there enjoying the view and the music.

After Jim Cullum's, we could not pass up the chance to go to the MOVIES!! The movies, do I even remember what that is? Every parent knows the loss joy of this luxury after they have children. We could not pass up this opportunity. I think it would have been a sin.

By the time Saturday night came, we were kind of bored. We had already done LOTS of eating, LOTS of shopping and LOTS of sleeping. So we decided to do the cheesy boat tour. It ended up being so much fun because we were on the boat with a very sweet couple of Indianapolis that we got to chat with and our tour guide had us cracking up the entire time.

After the boat tour, we went to eat at this Mexican restaurant called Rosarios. I must give much props and thanks to BigMama! She recommended this restaurant to us as a must eat at while we are there. It's not on the Riverwalk, so we never ever would have discovered it on our own. WOW!! It really was the best mexican food ever!! I am saddened that I wasted other opportunities to go there and just didn't know. Thank you BigMama! It was are best meal we had while there. The perfect last dinner.

Heath savoring the delicious fajitas!

Do you know what the best part of the trip was? Coming home to this!

I know this will possibly sound pathetic, but I missed Ella so much! It was really all I could think about at times. I blame some of that on the fact that San Antonio is very family oriented, so there were little punkins Ella's age every where I looked. I was constantly being reminded of her and picturing her there with us. Overall, it was good for Heath and I to get away and have some time for us.
But, wow, it was the best to see our baby again!

She loved her pink maracas we brought her. And she did very well with her Grammy for the weekend!


FordeFam said...

How fun!!! We went to San Antonio for our one year anniversary too (wow, 5 1/2 years ago)!!! It was sooo much fun! We went on the boat ride also! :)I think Lee and I need to that again!!! I know what you mean though when you say that you were thinking about Ella the whole time!!! For some reason, when I leave the kids somewhere, as much as I need that time away, I see other moms or families and miss the kiddos or start to worry! I'm getting better about it, but I think it's because I got one of those mugs from Starbucks that you decorate yourself, and put our family's picture on it!!! Hahaha! I take it everywhere! :) I'm glad you guys had a great time!!!

Boundbrook Lane said...

Oh, my goodnes!!! What an awesome trip! I'm so happy for you and Heath to have that time together, and I TOTALLY get what you're saying about the movies. My last 2 of the 3 movies that I have seen in the last 10 months have all been WITH our kids! YIKES! We have got to get out more! Your blog made be hungry!!! :) By the way, who do you think will win AI tonight? Have an awesome day!

MamaCass said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. It makes me want to visit San Antonio again. Oh, and I miss going to the movies too.