Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Dance #1: Ballroom Round

Apolo: Amazing, Fantastic, Excellent, Perfect Quick Step, Perfect score!! What else is thre to say?

Ian: Okay, he totally made me cry with his pre-dance video. Way to tap into your emotions Ian. His quick step was great. And he got his first 10.

Laila: "Walk Like an Egyptian" I love that song! Already points with me. Their quick step looked flawless too me. And they got a Perfect Ten!! Well deserved. She looked hot in her gold egyptian costume.

Joey: They are coming off of being in the bottom two. How that happened I have no idea? So you know they are working extra hard this week. PERFECT 10! Okay, this makes me less excited that Apolo got a perfect 10. If they are all getting a perfect 10, then what's the point of the scores. Ian must feel bad that he's the only one that didn't.

I loved to see Len get involved with the dancers and lend a helping hand! And it was great seeing his own dancing abilities. It proves that he really does know what he is talking about, especially when he is juding them so hard. He's really cute! "Len gave good advice. He knows what he's talking about. He's been dancing for what, 95 years?" Joey, you're hysterical.

Dance #2: Latin Round

Apolo: No they are not dancing to Salt and Pepa's Push It!! That is awesome. If I didn't already LOVE Apolo as if he were my brother (yea right), this would have put me over the edge. Way to step out and do something different. The audience again is cheering the most for them than anyone else. They have to win this thing! Thanks to Len, who said there was too much gyration and not enough technic, they did not get their perfect ten they so deserved.

Ian: Dressed up as Elvis? He made a pretty good Elvis. I wish my mother-in-law was here tonight. She will be here tomorrow night and I would have loved to hear what she thought about Ian's impression of her dream man. From the judges' reactions, I think they are getting their perfect 10. And yes they did.

Laila: They were amazing, but I'm really hoping they don't get a perfect 10. If they all do get perfect tens tonight, can they just eliminate the judges next week and make the show only 30 minutes? And they did get it of course.

Joey: Cute, Cute, Cute!! Hmmm...let's see, I wonder if they'll get all tens. With them, however, it is deserved.

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