Wednesday, May 09, 2007

AI - The Results

Wow...Jordin is tall! Incredibly tall. How have I never noticed that she is an entire head taller than the other contestants? I can't get over it.

Ryan lines all four contestants up and tells us immediately following the break that Jordin is the first one safe. I'm disappointed because honestly I wouldn't be too sad if she left tonight. I know, I know, I'm crazy. I'm very loyal to my favorites. If they were my favorite in the beginning, I'm loyal to them throughout. And Jordin just wasn't one of my top couple favorites.

YES!! Ryan just announced that Melinda is safe!! Big, big, big sigh of relief!!

Okay, so none of us are surprised at this point that LaKisha and Blake are in the bottom two.

YES!!!!! Blake is SAFE! Another huge sigh of relief! And our LaKisha is leaving.

I am sad that LaKisha is gone. She's amazing. NOBODY can disagree with that. But Blake is different. And that's what I like. I would rather see him another week because I don't ever get bored with him. Can you imagine him in the finale? That would be a show.

I always get a little teary at the end when they do the goodbye video. Hers was very sweet and she cried a lot. But man, when she sang her final song she hung up those tears and gave it to us!

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